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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cranberry Orange Relish Recipe

This is my version of cranberry orange relish. We normally buy our relish from the grocery store, but every year it seems we have to get it at a different store. This year we couldn't find any so we decided to make our own. I may be wrong, but I believe this is the best cranberry orange relish, I've ever eaten and it's so easy to make. Needless to say, I won't be buying my relish anymore.

1- 12oz. bag of fresh cranberries (approximately 3 cups)
1 1/2 medium seedless oranges with peel
1 1/8 cups of sugar


Cut orange into chunks and add to food processor along with the cranberries. Process to about the consistency of pickle relish. Add sugar and chill until ready to serve.

This can be frozen for longer storage, but mine won't last long enough to need freezing. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

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