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Friday, November 11, 2011

Using Up The Last Of This And That

Totally sidetracked this morning. I need a computer that will only access what I need to blog. Having access to the rest of the internet is really distracting for me, plus the fact that I usually watch America Now & Rachael Ray while I blog isn't necessarily helpful.

For breakfast yesterday, I decided to have French toast with syrup.

It was pretty good, but I prefer light syrup and I'm more of a waffle person. What's your pick, waffles, pancakes, or French toast?

I had pasta with vodka sauce sprinkled with shredded Italian blend cheese, mixed vegetables, and a Nature's Own multigrain sandwich round from the freezer, toasted for lunch. The pasta was a mixture of cheese tortellini and penne pasta. The mixed vegetables were picked from a stir fry variety with added Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese.

You've gotta be creative with what you have sometimes. Hopefully it works out and this time it did.

Afternoon coffee was good. Allergies have my sinus' sort messed especially yesterday. I find that something hot and slightly caffeinated brings some relief. I had 1 cup with just a little powdered cream and the last of my coconut sugar and another 1/2 cup with powdered creamer, a little mint syrup, and a bit of mint flavored cocoa mix, just to finish off the last in a package of the cocoa mix. Waste not, want not, right?

Before Zumba I had tomato soup and peanut butter on a toasted Arnold's 100% whole wheat sandwich thin from the freezer.

The thin sandwich breads are so good, even after being frozen. I individually wrapped them in waxed paper before freezing and place them in freezer bags, so that I can grab one from the bag anytime I want. They thaw really quickly or you can defrost in the microwave or toast in the toaster. The crust is my favorite part of bread and with these you get more.

.....and yes tomato soup and a peanut butter sandwiches are a preferred combo.

We had an awesome workout at Zumba. We usually alternate between songs with weights and songs without, but last night we did 4 or 5 songs in a row with weights. The room was chilly when we got there, but the weights really took the chill off. Unfortunately we won't be having Zumba class for the next two weeks due to BBQ sales and other church events, which is one small disadvantage to free or cheap classes which are not held in a gym, studio, etc., but it is nice that there are classes offered for those who can't afford the extra expense of regular classes.

My after Zumba snack(s) were a cup of Chobani Greek Pineapple Yogurt....

....and popcorn. I was extremely hungry after Zumba. I guess the soup & sandwich were enough to stay with me. I found a couple of packages of popcorn in the back of my cabinet which had been forgotten. I decided to have one. I didn't eat the whole bag, but I think I could have. I just wish popcorn was hull-less(?). I love it, but hate the hulls.

Getting sidetrack has caused me to be late again. Sorry. Now I'm off to get ready for an unexpected GDO. Happy Friday and also Happy Veterans Day!!!

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