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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sleeping In

About 5:30 am yesterday, I went to bed, of course I slept in, that is until the phone rang, which I didn't answer (sorry) and the dogs barked for breakfast and potty break, which I did have to answer, then back to bed.

Breakfast was lunch, leftover pasta and vodka sauce with cheese on top.

The same cheese tortellini and penne pasta combo. I thought I'd carb up. I was definitely craving heavy food.

I was in a "whatever" mood and so I also had a Russell Stover dark chocolate coconut cream Santa.

....and just so you're not terribly disappointed, should you run out and buy one, they don't really look like Santa, maybe that lump of coal he'll be leaving in a few stockings Christmas morning. Have you been naughty or nice? I was naughty and eating this candy was nice.

The afternoon snack was sort of a mini meal. I had the 2 slices of leftover Tuscan Veggie pizza, I'd brought home. They have it in the Walmart deli area. It's cheap and it's good.

I went a little lighter and healthier for dinner with a big salad.

I used spring mix, cucumber, carrot, onion, chickpeas(garbanzo beans), and fat free Italian dressing.

I seasoned it with a little salt and fresh cracked pepper. It was good, but just a little annoying to chase those peas around the plate with my fork.
While uploading photos I munched on a couple of handfuls of
Emerald sweet & salty, dark chocolate peanut butter mixed nuts. Never eat them straight from the container. It's too easy to mistake it for a single serving.

Last night I watched an old movie on tv, just for the heck of it; The Car with James Brolin. I didn't expect it to be great because things aren't as realistic in old movies, but I was disappointed with the story line. They sort of left it open for a sequel, but I don't think they ever made one and it's no wonder. I doubt I would have watched it anyway. The movie had potential, but they didn't put much thought into the ending. I gave it only 2 stars.

That was my day. It didn't start out so great, but I actually felt pretty good as the day went on. I think today will be a good one also. Happy Sunday!!!

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