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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Too Much Caffeine

Well, it's 2:43am and I'm up. I accidentally had lot's of caffeine. This means that at 7:30 am when my alarm goes off, I'll either still be awake, I won't hear it or I will be unconsciously extremely annoyed and will possibly wake later to find my cell phone(my alarm) in pieces across the room.

I suppose you are wondering how this could have happened. I will tell you. It began with breakfast. A small glass filled with canned peach slices, vanilla yogurt and cornflakes. I only had a tiny bit of yogurt left, so I made a tiny parfait. I ate half and then added more cornflakes. No caffeine. 

While finishing up yesterday's post, my phone rings, so I answer it, right? Well, I say hello and I'm surprised to find (sorry, no caller id) it's Mom calling to invite me to go with her & Lynda for a GDO. Yay!!! So I finish up the blog post and quickly get ready for my day out. We went to Kohl's, JCPenney, Belk, & Hobby Lobby. We also went to StarBucks, right? I got a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino Light, ok? Not decaf. This is not necessarily a problem, having one caffeinated beverage earlier in the day.

We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. We all got salads from the salad bar. The restaurant was sort of dark, so I decide to take pictures both with & without the flash, because I prefer photos without using the flash, but wasn't sure they'd turn out good. Which do you prefer?

....or without? My salad included spring mix, broccoli, red onion, bell pepper, Roma tomato, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, shredded cheddar, honey mustard dressing, and their pumpernickel(?) croûtons. The salad was awesome. They have very good honey mustard dressing, but I think I would have preferred my usual balsamic vinaigrette. I was trying to go with something a little different. I had wanted to get the shredded Parmesan instead of cheddar, but there was stray ham chunks in the Parmesan, so I went for the meatless cheddar.

I had a beautiful blue bottle of Saratoga spring water.

I kept the bottle. I was so glad they had plain water and not the sparking carbonated kind. I got that by mistake once and it was awful.

They brought out a few complimentary garlic cheese biscuits, which are not necessarily my favorite, but they are good. These are slightly sweet and almost seem deep fried. I prefer a more savory biscuit or one that's not noticeably sweetened, but it didn't stop me from eating 2 of them. 

Lynda had one, I had one and Mom passed, so then I finished off the last one before we left. a dab of the apple salad, which was nearly contaminated with stray ham as well. It wasn't quite as good as it normally is, but I don't think it was because of the stray ham.

The apples seemed a little wilted or something; not fresh. BTW my lunch did not contain any caffeine, I don't think.
.....but, once we got back to Mom's after having stopped off at Walmart, we had coffee, which did contain caffeine.

I had a couple of peppermint oreos with my coffee while we fixed dinner, not giving a thought to whether or not the coffee was decaf, etc., I had a second cup. 

We picked up pizzas from the Walmart deli. We got a Tuscan Veggie and a Pepperoni for anyone interested in meat. I had two pieces of the Tuscan veggie with some sweet hot peppers. I really like the Tuscan Veggie from Walmart. It has a really good flavor.

After dinner I also had a Russell Stover dark chocolate, coconut cream Santa.

Once I got home I began to experience anxiety attacks, which is a side effect I get from too much caffeine. After emailing to find out for sure, I found I had in fact had caffeinated myself all day long. It was not good. I felt awful at first and then just wide awake. I really hate anxiety attacks. Years ago I had noticed the coincidence of having one every time I had coffee with caffeine vs. none with decaf. I decrease my caffeine intake in the morning and cut out caffeine for the rest of the day and voilà, no attacks. I really need to train myself to ask every time I have coffee. Here I sit in the middle of the night, wide awake blogging, when I could be sleeping, but I plan to be sleeping soon, so I'm posting this one early. Forgive my mistakes, I'm tired. Now I'm off to catch some Z's. Have a great morning/day!!!


  1. I would have thought the caffeine induced non-stop talking would have worn you out. lol I had a great GDO.

  2. Not hardly, I can do that without caffeine, but if you have to listen to it enough, that will be a reminder not to give me any. I also had a great GDO. Thanks for the invite!