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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cake And Coffee

I'm feeling a little more rested this morning. I didn't go to bed any earlier, but I suppose I slept better. Yesterday was a less than energetic morning. I wanted coffee, needed coffee, but was too lazy to fix coffee. I had a smoothie and don't ask me why, but making a smoothie does seem easier than making coffee. My smoothie was a pumpkin spice smoothie.

I added a little extra spice to this one.

The smoothie didn't quite give me the energy I needed. I was still too lazy to make coffee, so I made tea, Lipton Orange Passion Fruit Jasmine Green tea with wild flower honey, which helped give me a little boost.

For lunch I had TG leftovers again, mashed potatoes & green bean casserole + the pinto beans I'd opened the day before.

I added a little hickory grill seasoning to the beans just to change things up a little. I like them that way.

I still had my coffee craving later in the afternoon and I gave into it. I also gave into a piece of apple cake from the freezer, which I thawed while making the coffee. It was a good motivator for fixing the coffee.

The coffee was half caff. with powdered creamer and raw sugar. I made it almost black so that it would not add to the sweetness of the cake.

For dinner I just had the last of the leftover mac & cheese with the couple of spoonfuls of pinto beans that were left.

This was very filling.

After dinner I proceeded to procrastinate until it was later than it should have been to get started sorting and uploading photos, which caused me to be later getting to bed. I also insisted on reading a little before going to sleep, even though I was sleepy, despite having drank the coffee later in the afternoon. Luckily as I said earlier, my sleep quality was better than usual, though the quantity was lacking. I'll have to get myself in gear this evening. I'll be putting out an early post in lieu of the usually morning post, due to another busy morning. Happy Monday!!!

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