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Monday, November 14, 2011

November Birthday Dinner Party

I didn't have much for breakfast yesterday, 3 cups of peppermint mocha coffee and a handful of walnuts. I think my lack of sleep is getting to me. I have been sleeping pretty good once I get to sleep, but there aren't enough hours between when I go and when I get up.

I'd planned on eating a little something before going to Mom's, but I got busy cleaning my bathrooms and the day got away. Before I knew it was time to leave and I hadn't even gotten a shower. Out of the shower and into the car. I was so out of it yesterday. I think my sugar got too low.

Here's the line up of food we had.


BBQ Chicken

Veggie Patch Vegetarian Meatballs in spaghetti sauce.

Angels Biscuits (Mom's pic)

This is how they looked when I got there.

Mashed Potatoes

Pasta Salad w/ Italian type dressing



Waldorf Salad w/ apples, walnuts, & dried cranberries.

Spring mix salad

Sliced cukes and broccoli.

I was starved, so I loaded up my plate, by then, I hardly knew my name. I had 4 veggie meatballs, 3 on my plate and one in my mouth, pasta salad, cukes & broccoli with ranch dressing, potatoes, peas, & corn.

The Veggie Patch meatballs were pretty good. Lindsay tried one, she usually eats my veggie burgers, but she didn't care for them. I blamed it on her being pregnant, because lots of food is weird for her at the moment. She thought the cukes tasted funny too, but they didn't. I thought the meatballs were good, but with a slight veggie after taste that I am used to and don't really mind. I find it's more noticeable to meat eaters. The meatless balls are firm, an almost meaty quality, not mushy, even in sauce, which I liked. I gave them 4 stars. I'm really  interested in trying them in other recipes.

Here are the Veggie Patch Nutritional Facts

Here's our November birthday girl. After dinner she got to open presents.

Then she and Lexi blew out the candles on the birthday cake. Lexi is all about birthdays. I think she loves birthdays (everyones, not just hers) as much as Christmas.

Here's a shot of the cake.

Our other dessert had a Fall theme, a pumpkin cheesecake.

I'm all about cheesecake (all cheesecake). I had a small slice and also a small slice of the cake. I have to say, the cheesecake wins. I also had a couple of chocolate covered orange Jelly Belly beans (Lindsay shared) and part of a caramel pecan clutter (Russell Stover, I think, that Lucas shared.)

I had a little of the Waldorf salad after I got home.

I also had some leftover pasta and vodka sauce with extra cheese, off camera a little later, after I'd uploaded the photos, just to keep it from going to waste and to try and cure a tickle in my throat that wouldn't go away and I actually think it worked for some reason. The hot food made it feel better. I will have to get more honey now that I'm out of coconut sugar, which is what I normally use for the tickle and tea. I like to keep it around during the winter, for colds as well as some Cold Eeze Lozenges. The honey Lemon lozenges, is what I usually get, but after going to the website, I see they have some other flavors, I'd like to try. Have you tried them? What do you think? Happy Monday!!!

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