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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great Value Friday

 I'm behind again this morning. I stayed up too late and didn't get up when I should have. I've also been continuously sidetracked since I did get up.

Yesterday went smoother, it seemed more relaxed. I was more relaxed anyway. I had a Great Value cinnamon waffle for breakfast with Planters creamy peanut butter and GV syrup. I normally get light syrup, but they were out. I'm not sure GV has light syrup. I usually buy syrup from Aldis.

I just used a little syrup. I don't like to use much anyway. The peanut butter tones down the sweetness of the syrup.

The waffle was pretty good. I think I could have eaten two, but I didn't and I was fine with just one.

For lunch, I added two slices of GV white American cheese and some chopped broccoli to the leftover potato soup. It was good.

A great leftover makeover.

I did have to cook it for a bit to soften up the broccoli even though it was chopped small, but next time I will precook  the broccoli.

I had a cup of green tea with lemon juice and coconut sugar, I actually had two. I had one after lunch because I had a sinus headache and I was hoping the hot drink and bit of caffeine would help. I ended up taking an ibuprofen and a nap. The other cup of tea, I had later before dinner.

I had pizza for dinner, which I made, but not from scratch. I bought GV refrigerated pizza dough, which comes in a can like biscuits, cinnamon rolls, etc. I rolled it out into a pan that was a little longer than the suggested size for a thinner crust. I used a small can of tomato sauce with added pizza seasoning, rosemary, garlic and a little salt for the sauce. I topped it with canned mushrooms, onion slices, chopped bell pepper and broccoli, then I sprinkled it with a shredded Italian cheese blend.

The dough is suppose to go in a greased pan, so I used olive oil, but the dough wanted to draw up away from the edges of the pan. I was using up the last of my fresh broccoli to avoid having it go to waste.

I wasn't too impress with the pizza. I used pizza seasoning in my sauce instead of plain oregano and it just didn't have the flavor I was going for. The top of my pizza was getting done quicker than the bottom for some reason and the crust was soft like a biscuit instead of slightly crispy. I like homemade better, which I may do next time. I had spring mix/spinach salad and spicy ranch dressing to go with the pizza.

It made 8 slices; I had 2. I may freeze a few slices for later, so that I'm don't wind up eat pizza for several days.

I was late getting started last night, sorting and uploading photos. I also got interested in tv, etc. while I was doing the photos and later getting it done than I had planned. I read some before going to bed as well. I am at an interesting part in the book (One for the Money, Janet Evanovich). On top of everything else, I didn't sleep well. We're planning to walk today. I am going to do better today. Happy Saturday!!

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