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Friday, October 14, 2011

Klondike Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich Review

Just about back on track this morning. This post about yesterday is just a little later than usual. It still feels a little rushed, but not as much pressure. It felt good to sort of relax yesterday. I had Lipton orange passion fruit jasmine green tea, sweetened with a spoonful of coconut crystals with half a trail mix bagel, toasted, and a cup of applesauce with added cinnamon. I can't believe how many bagel's I have in the freezer. There are still several in there.

I had another Smart Ones mini rigatoni w/ vodka cream sauce and a mixture of peas and corn.

I had a Klondike Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich for my afternoon snack. If you are there for the brownie or in dire need of curing your chocolate craving, then this is the snack for you. The ice cream is only there for moral support and to keep you from falling into a chocolate coma. If you are there for the ice cream, you may be a little disappointed. Not that there's anything wrong with the ice cream, it's just that you hardly notice it's there with the intense chocolate flavor. Chocolate on the outside, chocolate on the inside and a little ice cream around the middle, you get the idea.
The brownie is soft and chewy as a brownie should be. The fudge middle is soft and gooey.

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size     1 sandwich (72g)
Servings Per Container     4
Amount Per Serving   
Calories     230
Calories from Fat     70
Total Fat     8g
Saturated Fat     4g
Trans Fat     0g
Cholesterol     5mg
Sodium     150mg
Total Carbohydrates     40g
Dietary Fiber     2g
Sugars     23g
Protein     4g
Vitamin A     4%
Vitamin C     0%
Calcium     6%
Iron     6%

The Light Ice Cream in this Product is 35% Fewer Calories and 65% Less Fat than a Range of Full-fat Ice Creams. The Light Ice Cream in this Product contains 50 calories and 2g of Fat per Serving. A Range of Full-Fat Ice Creams has 90 calories and 5g of Fat per Serving. This Product is Not a Light Food.    Ingredients and nutrition facts are current as of 3/1/2011. Please see shelf packaging for any changes.

The ultimate chocolate fix for you chocoholics. It gets 4 stars, possibly 5 if you're there for a chocolate overload.

Some Cajun snack mix to tide me over until dinner.

I had homemade beans and franks for dinner and a lettuce & broccoli salad with ranch dressing on the side.

I've been looking for vegetarian beans forever (not baked beans). These are a meatless version of pork n beans. I used to be able to find them at the grocery store, sold as vegetarian beans in tomato sauce, but haven't been able to find them for years.

I've searched the internet for a recipe and have also not had any luck finding one, so I came up with my own version, which I call Porkless Beans. The recipe is very simple with just a few ingredients and the result is very similar (at least I think so) to canned Pork n Beans or vegetarian beans. I used canned navy beans, tomato soup and molasses basically. These are not sweet like baked beans. I added a veggie patch veggie dog to the bowl for beans and franks, 2 or 3 would be good for the whole pot.

I manage a single portion of salad in a small bowl. I can never do this on a plate.

There was also a last minute addition of garlic buttered corn, which Lucas fixed with his dinner.

Now that you're up to speed on what I've been eating, doing, etc. Lucas and I are off to the library. Happy Friday!!

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