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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rained Out

Due to impaired internet and early morning babysitting for the passed two days, I am just now doing my blog posts for Monday & Tuesday. I've had to work off line hoping that internet would be back up in time to publish Monday's post, but unfortunately it was down until this morning (Wednesday). I've been babysitting all day, so I'm just now getting around to getting online. Since this post was mostly already done off line it will go rather quickly. I'll do my best with the rest. Thanks for your patience.

I had a fruit & yogurt cereal bowl for breakfast.

The next best thing to a smoothie.

I used a cup of Chobani Greek vanilla yogurt, ground flax, cornflakes, Kellogg's Fiber Plus Yogurt Berry Crunch, Cheerios, gala apple chunks, dried raspberries pecans, and raisins from my Raspberry Supreme Nut mix, and cinnamon sprinkled on top of it all.

Lunch was birthday dinner leftovers. I had green beans, stuff pepper, and salad with ranch dressing.

I had a piece of my red velvet birthday cake for my afternoon snack. It would have been nice to have some ice cream with it, but I really didn't need the extra calories. I did splurge with the piece I had on Sunday and I have sweets available for the rest of the week. You really have to splurge occasionally unfortunately, I splurge too often.

For dinner I decided to repeat the Nature's Own Sandwich round mini cheese pizzas. I still had Manwich sauce left, so I decided to make a couple of them. I got one of them a little over browned, but not burnt.

I still say they're pretty good.

I also had a cup of Chobani Greek lemon yogurt. It's been a while. It was just as good as I remembered it. BTW Chobani almost always gets 5 stars, you should try it. Vanilla is my usual for yogurt, but the lemon has to be one of my favorite flavors of Chobani. It's not that sweet lemon flavor you get with most lemon yogurt. Chobani lemon has a tart lemon flavor. It reminds me of lemonade. 

After my Chobani, I went to upload my photos and get started on the blog. It had also just started raining. I got online and noticed there was no internet connection. I was connected to my router, but I had no internet. It was gone just like that. I figured it was too late to do anything and I couldn't stay up waiting on it to come back on (Sometimes it does. I've been having problems with it for a while, but they've never actually fixed it, because it comes and goes.) I had to get to bed so that I could get up early.  I figured I would try to get this post up before the girls got here the next morning. Unfortunately it did not work out that way. Two days later, I'm finally getting everything posted. Hope you enjoy. Have a great night/day!!! I tell you the rest of the story in the next post.

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