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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Walk

Sidetracked this morning. I was going over past food logs of when I lost 30lbs. One thing I noticed is that coffee was breakfast. I've been trying to figure out what I need to do to get rid of about 10lbs., which is actually less than what I've gained back. I'm not sure yesterday's breakfast helped, but it wasn't the worst I could have eaten. I had one cinnamon waffle with warm peanut butter and syrup mixed and spread on top along with half a Gala apple sliced thin.

I had a cup of Lipton Orange Passion Fruit Jasmine green tea with lemon juice and coconut sugar after breakfast.

We went for our walk after breakfast, nearly 4 miles. It was cool out, but before long we were shedding jackets and sweating as usual. Luckily there was a breeze. At 55 degrees it wasn't quite cool enough to make us want to do an extra mile. We did get our 16 minute mile, with our handicap of short legs, I think it wasn't too bad; any faster and I would have been running. It was a great day for a walk. If it had been a little cooler, it would have been perfect.

I had lunch when we got back. I had two slices of leftover vegetable pizza to which I added extra cheese and some sliced cucumber with a little zesty Italian dressing.

I'm thinking, I need to go lighter with some of my food choices.

Dinner wasn't all that light either. I had macaroni & cheese with peas.

I did have a salad of spring mix, cucumber, tomato, and onion with my peas and macaroni, which made it a little lighter.

I also need to get some light dressing. I used spicy ranch last night which wasn't light.

I finished up early last night. I watched The Good Wife, got a lot of reading done and still got to bed before 11:30. Go me!! Now I'm going to feed the pups and take them out. I'll be needing a jacket today. If the sun was out it would be a perfect walking day at only 46 degrees. Happy Monday!! Oh, I see the sun!!!

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