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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zumba Glow Party

Rushing around this morning, trying to get ready for the girls, who are suppose to be here later. I like to get everything out of the way, so that it's baby proof and I have nothing that needs done while they are here. I've also gotten sidetracked repeatedly.

Yesterday I had the other half of my trail mix bagel spread with light cream cheese and topped with Raspberry Supreme Nut mix and half a Gala apple on the side. I promise I didn't have a bagel this morning, so you won't have to look at one tomorrow.

Lucas and I planned to go and get my glow bracelets, necklace, etc. for the Zumba glow party yesterday, so I grabbed a bite to eat before leaving. I had the other half of my GV vegetarian vegetable soup with a slice of hot cornbread, buttered. Ya know everything's better with Blue Bonnet on it.

I found my glow accessories at the Dollar Tree, just $1 per pack, good deal! For just $5 I got the kids eat a glow wand for Halloween and another pack to share with a necklace, earrings, and 2 bracelets, plus a similar pack for myself and two hoop necklaces. I may go back and get them some hoop necklaces. They also had masks that glow which might be nice.

When I got back I had a yogurt cereal parfait with Dannon Peach yogurt and some Kellogg's Fiber Plus Berry Yogurt Crunch cereal. What a mouthful, I mean the name. This cereal tastes rather sweet and really holds it's crunch. Great for topping yogurt.

BTW this is a juice glass. It looks huge in the photo next to that small spoon. I also need to practice my parfait making. As you can tell, I'm not that good at it.

I was running late after running for glow stuff. I still had to make dinner, eat and get ready for Zumba. I made a recipe I found for Easy Mexican Rice, which was pretty easy, but somewhat time consuming, in that the rice had to cook for 45 minutes first. I would have used instant brown rice, but I had some regular brown rice, I needed to use up anyway.

It turned out pretty good and was fairly simple to make with just rice, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and beans, which could be any kind you like. I used kidney beans and had a few tortilla chips on the side.

I also topped it with a little finely shredded sharp white cheddar. After eating I was off to our Zumba glow party. Yay!!!

We had a ball at Zumba, everyone wearing their glow jewelry. We had some black lights and some red lights. Our white clothes didn't show up as well due to lack of enough black lights, but we did have a good time dancin' in the dark. I didn't get any pictures at the zumba glow party because it was rather dark and I assumed the pictures wouldn't be good, but I did find a video that sort of shows what it was like. It was really fun and a great idea for partying at Halloween or anytime really. I think kids would really love it.

After zumba I had another little cup of my rice & beans.

I'm late getting this posted with all that's been going on. I really need to figure out some short cuts. Anyone with blogging tips, I'd love to hear them. Thanks. Happy Wednesday!!!

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