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Friday, October 07, 2011

Birthday Thriller

My birthday breakfast was fall inspired, due to the cool weather we've been having, a nice change from the sweltering days of summer. I had an apple crisp smoothie. I used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar. I couldn't tell a difference. It was delicious.

You can see the red flecks of apple peel in this one. 

I'll be making this post as short as possible (who am I kidding), because I'm trying to get it done before the next day. I'll be busy with my girls (Lexi & Mary) in the morning.
I had soup for lunch, Campbell's Select Harvest Light Southwestern Style Vegetable.

This is not the most flavorful soup, it's mostly broth and carrots, so I like to add a few things to improve it a little, of course it's no longer light when I get done with it. I had a couple of spoonfuls of pintos and about the same amount of Birds Eye Southwestern Style Rice leftover, so I decided to add it to the soup to beef it up a little. I didn't add extra seasoning like I did when I made my kicked up canned soup. I had some lightly toasted spicy sweet chili Doritos to go along with it. They are not all that great if you let the seasoning on the chips turn dark. It works better with regular Doritos. 

With the pinto beans and rice there was enough soup for two bowls. 
I just had one bowl and saved the other for later.

My sweet afternoon snack was a slice of cinnamon chocolate loaf from the freezer, thawed and toasted. I still think this was a bit too soggy for me. Cinnamon rolls are better. I'm not sure about the chocolate. I've never had chocolate in a cinnamon roll.

I slipped a nap in before dinner. I new I'd be up late tonight and up early the next day, so I figured I'd get my sleep in a head of time. I got up in time to feed the pups, put them out, fix a quick dinner and get ready to go to Zumba.

For dinner I had a tuna salad sandwich, made with canned tuna and just a little mayo then topped with slices of cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce and buttermilk ranch dressing on toast.

Lucas suggested the ranch dressing. I wasn't so sure about it, but gave it a try. It was really pretty good. I also sprinkled a little dried dill over it, while wishing I had some dill pickle cubes.

It was a great sandwich for pre-Zumba dinner. I don't like to eat a bunch before I go and this was perfect.

My after Zumba snack was a few tortilla chips with some hot fire roasted salsa heated in the microwave with a slice of cheese.

We had a ball at Zumba tonight. We did a few new songs. One which was Michael Jackson's Thriller. We are also planning to have a glow party on the 25th and dress up for Halloween on the 27th. For the glow party we will dress in white and wear the glow in the dark bracelets, etc. and there will be black lights, sounds like fun, huh? I'm not sure what to dress like on the 27th, any suggestions? I've posted a video of the Thriller song with a routine very similar to what we'll be doing. As popular as this dance was, I've never done it, but it was fun. Zumba was a great way to celebrate my birthday, although we'll be doing a more traditional celebration on Sunday at Mom & Lynda's. We'll also be celebrating Lexi's birthday which is the day before mine.

This post is ready to go and I'm ready for bed. Have a great night and a great day!!

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