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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Too Busy To Eat

This day started off with half a honey bun, half an apple and a cup of half caffeine coffee with creamer and coconut sugar.

I had the girls today. They got here before I had lunch. Every time I'd start lunch, I'd get sidetracked. One thing led to another and before long their Mom was back. Mom & Lynda stopped by and brought goodies. One thing they brought was gingerbread cookies.
This was lunch, I suppose. I never really got around to eating until is was time for dinner.

The kids and I enjoyed cookies and they also had ice cream cones.

Mary had both at the same time.

After everyone left, I had a bowl of the leftover Mexican Rice and a piece of cornbread. I think the rice would have been good in a flour tortilla with some cheese, sour cream and salsa. Sorry I didn't think of it then.

I'll be busy again in the morning, so I'm getting tomorrow's post out early. I'm going to read a little before bed and call it a night. Have a great night/day!!

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