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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Babysitting Adventures & The Internet Problem Part 2

Wednesday morning breakfast, half a trail mix bagel spread with peanut butter, sprinkled with dates, raisins, and sunflower seeds from a trail mix, along with a couple of apple slices.

Two small children arrived early to give me a workout. Just after they arrived Lucas informed me that the internet was back up and the rain had stopped with no help from the telephone man. This is usually how it happens and one reason the problem never gets fixed. No time for blogging though.

A quick pick me up before the workout really gets started, another peppermint mocha. It's funny I use to hate peppermint, but lately I crave it.
When Mary and I finally wore each other out, she went down for a nap and Lexi and I went to the kitchen for lunch.

I had an Amy's dairy free vegetable enchilada with beans and rice. Lexi had mac & cheese with chicken nuggets. It was nice to able to sit for a few minutes.

I got to use one of my new plates. I like the size of this one.

After lunch, while Mary was still napping, Lexi and I did some arts & crafts. With some inspiration from Blues Clues we made an egg carton caterpillar.

We used a card board carton, gel markers, and a couple of toothpicks broken in multiple places.

When Mary woke up, we took the toothpicks out of the caterpillar, so that she could play with it. She loves pretending to be Mom, with her necklace, glasses and usually a telephone.

Even Lexi got a nap before Mom returned. Boy, did she need a nap, lol. We will definitely be scheduling naps for both girls next week when they return. It was very nice. We just weren't bright enough to have them both take one at the same time. I am a firm believer in naps, lol.

After Lindsay and the girls left, I fixed a bite of dinner. I was pretty tired. I definitely got my workout. I'm just glad to have had Lucas to help out. I will be lost without him next week. 

For dinner I fixed Amy's spinach lasagna. Surprisingly I didn't have much of an appetite.

It was cheesing and delicious, but I would still prefer homemade. As good as some frozen dinners are, they just can't take the place of homemade food.

I settled for a piece of chocolate for dessert, a Russell Stover coconut cream in milk chocolate, my reward for surviving the day. These would be so much better in dark chocolate.

I was anxious to get online after dinner. I didn't even get to tweet about my internet being down. Well, I am finally getting caught up, but it's getting late, so I'm headed for bed. BTW The telephone man never showed. I didn't even get a confirmation call, but the internet continues to work. It makes me wonder. Also tomorrows post may not get out by email deadline, but it will be posted. Have a great night/day!!!

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