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Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Leftover Makeover

First a late post, then an early post, what a day. I'm getting this one out early because I will have little girls in the morning. I've already straightened up the house today, that way, I won't have much to do while they are here. I slept in this morning, so I had my slice of pumpkin nut roll for breakfast. This was part of Sunday dinner's dessert. I was too full to have any while we were at Mom's, but I brought a little home. It was nearly gone before I even thought about a picture, so I just got one of this morning's slice.

I had a leftover piece of Sunday's vegetable lasagna for lunch along with the last of my bagged iceberg salad, some cucumber and carrot slices and a little light ranch dressing.

I had a couple handfuls of the dutch apple snack mix a little later.

Before dinner I was feeling sort of sleepy, I had a cup of hot tea to wake me up, no caffeine of course. I had Moroccan Mint. I added a little mint syrup to sweeten it slightly and boost the mint flavor. It was really good and I got to enjoy the whole cup.

Dinner was a leftover makeover. I had one of the two leftover cheese manicotti. I placed both manicotti in a small baking dish. I topped them with a handful of shredded spinach leaves, then some of the leftover sauce and sprinkled the top with a shredded Italian blend cheese. I heated it for a few minutes in the microwave and then put it n the toaster over to brown the cheese just a little.

I had onion rings to go with it. I saved the other manicotti for another meal.

Although there wasn't much I could do about the manicotti filling, the spinach and cheese were a definite improvement.

Now that I've finished up here, I planned to do a little reading and head off to bed. Have a great night/day!!

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