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Friday, October 28, 2011

Arnold 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins Review

No, this is not breakfast. It's a late night snack I had, that didn't make yesterday's post. Lucas made mashed potatoes last night, using butter & light cream cheese with a little garlic, onion, & black pepper. They were very good. Cream cheese is a great substitute when you're out of milk and it adds lots of flavor.

This morning I barely had time for breakfast before the girls arrived. I made coffee, mostly decaf and fixed myself a cup with powdered creamer and coconut sugar. I had the other half of my honey bun and Gala apple as well. Yummmyyyy!

For lunch I fixed a Mexican style stew using my Easy Mexican Rice.

I added a little water, frozen corn, MSF Veggie Crumbles, and a pinch of salt. I was actually going for soup, but it was more of a stew. It was another great leftover makeover. I had a few bite sized tortilla chips on the side.

Lexi had an ice cream cone before going home, which made me want ice cream too. I had some of my DQ tropical blizzard which Mom & Lynda brought as my afternoon snack.

After the girls left, we had to go out to pick up a few things for dinner. I bought Arnold 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins. They looked very good. At first I didn't realize they weren't the Nature's Own Sandwich Rounds I'd gotten before.

I made a veggie burger when I got home using a MSF Griller Prime burger, spinach, onion, dill pickle slices and ranch dressing. The pickles are Great Value brand btw. They are very thick slices of pickle and just as good as any I've eaten. I do love the chunky pickles best.

I really like these sandwich rounds. The Nature's Own brand got 5 stars and these definitely get 5. I actually like the Arnold brand better, because they have more fiber than the Nature's Own. The also have slightly more carbs & protein and more sodium, which may effect your opinion. These also seemed a little bigger around, but I'm not sure. They were just as soft and tasty as the Nature's Own brand.

After dinner I got ready and went to Zumba. The whole day seemed very rushed. We were suppose to dress up in a costume for Zumba class, but I wasn't able to come up with a costume, having been so busy lately. I didn't feel so bad once I got there and saw there were only 2 who wore costumes. We also had a very small attendance, maybe 7-8 showed. Best costume won a Subway Certificate. No problem choosing a winner, since the instructor was one of the two in costume. I was very tire after Zumba from such a busy day, but enjoyed it regardless.

I had a gingerbread man as my after Zumba snack. He wasn't looking very manly with his heart shaped buttons and what looks like pink sugar.

....but I gave him a more manly look with some cream cheese and a few raisins.
Now it's late and I'm not going to get any reading done tonight. I'm off to bed, expecting another busy day tomorrow. I'm really hoping I sleep good tonight. I really need it. Have a great night/day!!!

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