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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Healthy Sides

Breakfast yesterday was a cinnamon raisin bagel spread with light cream cheese and topped with raisins, dates, sunflower seeds and nuts. I also had half a Gala apple sliced thin, a healthy side to go with my bagel. I needed a morning pick me up yesterday. I had two cups of coffee with coconut sugar and a little powdered creamer. Since it was more than half decaf, I figured two cups would be fine.
We weren't able to go for our walk yesterday. Lucas had homework and a few other things to do. We are going to try and go today since we won't be having dinner at Mom & Lynda's.

I had leftover pizza for lunch with another healthy side of sliced hot house cucumber and a dab of spicy ranch dressing.
The pizza was a bit better after heating it straight on the rack of the toaster over. It helped to crisp it up a bit on the bottom. The cucumbers were as good as salad. I needed to used it since I'd nearly forgotten about having it and it was a quick fix.

My not so healthy afternoon treat was a Sunny D ice cream smoothie made with vanilla ice cream, ice, and orange strawberry sunny delight. I used ice to reduce the amount of ice cream I needed. It was really good, but difficult to drink as quickly as I would have liked. I kept freezing my brain.
I got in a little afternoon reading before time for dinner. Hopefully I can get my book finished up and start on "The Girl Who Played with Fire". I got it through the library and won't have long to read it. Since it's an ebook, I'm not sure I can renew once my two weeks are up.

I had another burger for dinner, a MSF grillers prime. I had spring mix salad, onion, tomato, thick pickle slices and spicy ranch on my burger with a Nature's Own sandwich round for my bun. 
I also had more cucumber slices on the side, which were better than chips or fries. I really like the sandwich rounds instead of the regular hamburger buns. I get more of the good stuff, instead of filling up on bread.

I have to admit my sandwich was a little messy, but when it's really good, I just don't mind.

After dinner there wasn't much on tv that I was interested in. I got my pictures sorted and uploaded. I still didn't get to bed early though. I started reading again. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the book and it's gotten to the interesting part. I finally had to make myself stop and go to bed. It's like watching a movie and then cutting it off about 2/3 of the way through to watch later. It's not so hard in the beginning. I will hopefully be reading some more today. Happy Sunday!!

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