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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Too Much Sugar

It's a chilly morning here. I can see the sun peeping out over the trees, skimming the tops, highlighting the changing leaves. The house is tucked in between the trees, so the sun creeps in slowing. It usually looks sort of dark outside from the windows for a while after the sun comes up. You really have to step outside to get a good idea of how light it actually is. It makes me think how nice it would be to still be sleeping. I sort of felt the same way yesterday, which is why I indulged in a ginger bread mocha for breakfast , a nice hot cup of coffee mixed with gingerbread flavored cocoa mix. I also had a cranberry bagel spread with peanut butter and sprinkled with some of my Raspberry Nut Supreme snack mix, which btw, did not have nearly enough nuts in it. Most snack mixes with dried fruit never have enough nuts to suit me. I solve the problem usually by adding more nuts or sprinkling the snack mix over bagels with pb or cream cheese or adding it to fruit & yogurt cereal bowls, anything to tone down the sweetness.

I even added a few of the white chocolate chips from the mix. It was quite good. I also put the last two pecans out of the mix on top. All that's left of the nuts, are the almonds and a stray cashew or two.

After finishing up yesterday's post which took a little while, Lucas and I decide to head to the library. We'd attempted to go the evening before, but realized that the library closed earlier on Thursday & Friday and we were too late. I had to have a bite to eat before leaving, so I grabbed the last of my "Porkless" beans. I heated them in the microwave, which made a mess of the bowl, but it didn't affect the taste.

I didn't get a book to read at the library, since I've already started Janet Evanovich's One for the Money, but I did get a few books with photos of rooms which I like to imagine, that someday I will duplicate in my own home (no laughing). I also looked around at books I might be interested in getting later on. I love the library and I'd like to have a reading room in my house, for now the reading room is mostly the bedroom.

I had the last Klondike Fudge Brownie ice cream sandwich when I got back from the library. All the chocolate sort of left a sick feeling after eating it. These are way too rich for me. One day they will find me in a sugar coma because I have no will power.

I had some Snapea Crisps to help me overcome my sugar sickness. These remind me of Andy Capp's Cheddar Fries without the cheese.

I was super hungry when dinner time rolled around. I'd waited too long to get started on dinner, so I went with something quick & simple, no surprise there, right? I had leftover tomato soup from my Porkless Beans recipe, so I decide to finish it off. I also made a grilled cheese sandwich with white American cheese, to go with the soup. Normally I do peanut butter and jelly with tomato soup, but I'd had enough sweets for the day and still hadn't completely recovered from the ice cream sandwich.

This was so good, I could have eaten more of it, if I hadn't been full.

Later I had a nice hot cup of Moroccan Mint green tea with a little peppermint syrup. I wish my house smelled like this stuff.

I've got to work on my will power and stop eating all the carbs & sweets. If my pants get any tighter, I'm going to have to stay home & wearing pajamas. I now only have 3 pair of pants that fit. I think I will pawn off my sweets on Lindsay  since she needs to gain weight for baby. Well, wish me luck & will power. Happy Saturday!!

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