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Friday, October 21, 2011

Eat Fast

 Yesterday started off with small children and a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, raisins, dried raspberries, white chocolate chips and almonds.

The girls got here early, but luckily I'd already gotten my coffee started. I made 1/2 caffeine coffee with a couple of scoops of decaf.  I wanted a little caffeine, but not a lot. I added a spoonful of Land O Lakes Mint Chocolate cocoa mix and a Hershey's Candy Cane Kiss. I still had few hidden away. Do they have an expiration? Nothing wrong with it as far as I could tell. They should have them all year. Did you know they make pumpkin spice flavored kisses? I didn't, until I visited their site.

I did a quick bowl of potato soup, no crackers, just soup. It was a quick meal day. Fast food my way. I had children to chase and things to do.

Fortunately it was a short babysitting venture and after they went home, Lucas and I were headed to Value Village & Goodwill.

I had a biscuit with butter and Dutch Apple jam as my snack before leaving. Lucas also likes the jams. He hardly ever eats jellies or jams. The Dutch Apple and the JalapeƱo Jelly are the only ones he'll eat so far.

We went to Value Village first. I was looking for some white clothes to wear for our Zumba glow party were we'll be wearing white clothes & glow in dark bracelets, etc. under black lights. I don't particularly like VV, but occasionally I find something I like, hardly ever clothes though. They don't have a dressing room and I prefer to try what I buy, sizes are never consistent and sometimes not even available because of missing tags etc. I picked up a couple of spatulas and a emergency sip cup for when Mary doesn't have hers - Less than $2.

Goodwill on the other hand, does have dressing rooms and I can always find clothes there although it is difficult to find nice things in my size. I came away with one pair of white scrub pants, 3 white t-shirts, and a nice pair of gray sweat pants for Zumba @ $20, not bad.

By the time we were done shopping, I was almost out of time before Zumba, so we hurried home, did our little evening before zumba routine and grabbed the quickest bite possible. I did a MSF grillers prime veggie burger with white American cheese, pickles and spicy ranch; simple, but good. I ate mine on the way to zumba. We were really cutting it close. Luckily buns and burgers have shrunk or unluckily my stomach is larger, whatever the case, my meal didn't interfere with Zumba.

I had an ice cream cone afterwards. That so awful, right? I may never lose weight.

After my evening snack, I got engrossed in the internet, but not blogging. I finally got around to uploading photos later. I didn't even turn on the television until 10pm, just in time to watch The Mentalist. I was very late getting to bed, then overslept a little this morning. I hit the snooze a few extra times and fell back to sleep for a few minutes after cutting the alarm off completely. When will I learn? I'm hoping today will be as good as yesterday, but just a little slower paced and an earlier bedtime. Happy Friday!!

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