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Saturday, October 01, 2011

MorningStar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger Review

I'm chilly this morning. It's a cool 50 degrees this morning and the heat is going. I should have had a warm breakfast this morning(more on that tomorrow). A breakfast like yesterday's would have been a little better. I had an English muffin with butter toasted, applesauce with cinnamon and ground flax, and a few dry roasted almonds, at least the toast was warm. I think I would have warmed the applesauce too, if it had been cool yesterday.

For lunch I had open faced sandwiches made with Nature's Own whole wheat sandwich rounds.

The whole wheat rounds are good, but I think I prefer the multi grain rounds, for no particular reason.

I lightly toasted the rounds for my sandwiches and topped them first with cheese and slices of Veggie Patch veggie dog (my favorite).

On top of the cheese & veggie dog, I put hot leftover chili beans, onion, and mustard.

To top all that off, I added some of my leftover coleslaw sprinkled with a little black pepper, even better the second day. It was a really good lunch.

My evening snack was just a bowl of maple & brown sugar mini wheat with milk, simple and delicious. I have been known to have the same thing, for dinner.

....but not yesterday. Yesterday's dinner was courtesy of Lucas. He made a hash brown casserole. It was more or less thrown together without a recipe, but it turned out so good we plan to make it into one. He used hash browns of course, Campbell's condensed cheese soup, milk, egg, and hot fire roasted salsa and topped it with shredded cheddar. It was a spicy dish, but it was very good.

Along with the casserole, I had a MorningStar Farms Spicy Black Bean burger. I've eaten these many times before, but I've never done a review on them. These are one of my favorite MSF burgers, of course there are only a couple of their burgers, that I don't like. The black bean burger also has roasted corn, tomatoes, brown rice, and chili peppers. I don't think these are all that spicy, but I like things pretty spicy. They are still very good. I like them plain or as a burger. MSF burgers are sort of salty, not too salty, but they don't need any extra. I usually heat mine in the microwave, but they do fine in a skillet or on the grill. I give the spicy black bean burger 4 stars.

I had mine plain yesterday, with the hash brown casserole and a salad of spring mix, spinach, onion, cucumber.

With the spicy casserole and burger, I decided to go with buttermilk ranch dressing for the salad. It was a great dinner.

After dinner I got everything done and was able to get to bed early. I even got some reading in before hand. Unfortunately I only slept for an hour or so and then was wide awake. I finally took a melatonin and was able to get back to sleep once it kicked in. I try to take them only as a last resort. That was my day. Happy Saturday!!

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