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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bad Start To A Good Day

This morning didn't start off so good. I didn't know what the plan was for the day. I got up early thinking the girls would be here early and that my blog post would be delayed, but as it turned out the girls wouldn't be here until later and I had plenty of time to do my post and get some last minute baby proofing and cleaning done. 

For breakfast I had a pancake spread with peanut butter and drizzled with butter flavored pancake syrup plus a half cup of 1/2 caf. coffee.

Lucas was still up this morning. He was nice enough to make pancakes for breakfast, while I did a little baby proofing. The pancake was really good, but the coffee was really what I needed.

I also threw my reusable grocery bags into the washer on the hand wash cycle. It's a good idea to do this once in a while. I hung them on hangers to air dry instead of putting them in the dryer. I wasn't sure the bags would hold up, but they were getting dingy and needed to be washed or thrown out. The bags came out fine, even the 2 insulated bags I have. They are my favorite because they have zippered tops and hold quite a bit.

I opened a pack of cheese on wheat crackers while I was waiting for the girls to arrive. They helped me eat my crackers and we opened a second pack to share.

I had a pile of raw veggies with light ranch dressing for dipping. This was lunch. The girls kept me hoppin' today. I fixed them chicken nuggets with mac & cheese. I also divided a slice of cheese between 6 of the nuggets. Neither of the kids were big eaters today, probably sick of nuggets w/ mac & cheese, lol, I know I am.

I offered them raw veggies & dip, but had no takers, although they would have eaten every bite of cheese on my plate, no problem there.

We had a pretty good day, but I do think they are much better when they are sick.... or asleep (just kidding). Lexi and I  played with Barbies & sticker books, while Mary rocked on her rocking horse and then took a nap.

For dinner I had my vegetarian beans with a MSF riblet and leftover potato salad.

This was a pretty good meal.

Now I'm ready to publish this post, so that I can hit the sack and try to get a little sleep, before I have to do it all again. I'm beat. Have a great night/ day!!!

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