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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Stuffed Shells Before Zumba

An early post, an early morning, and hopefully a restful night. I went to bed early last night. I slept pretty good. I got up this morning feeling as though I was fairly rested. I had an Asiago cheese bagel for breakfast with cream cheese. By the time I got to eat it, it has lost some of it appeal. That's is the problem with photographing your food before you eat. A toasted bagel doesn't stay warm long and once you spread on the cream cheese the crispiness starts to disappear. It almost seemed un-toasted by the time I ate it. I try to be quick, but I'm not always quick enough.  

This was the failed part of my lunch. I'd attempt to fix sweet potato fries in my toaster oven. I got sidetracked and apparently my toaster oven was set too high or for too long. Whatever the problem, the fries were overdone. Even the ones that weren't burned were rather crunchy. I was looking forward to these. I did nibble on a few off the edge that weren't too hard.

I made another black bean pineapple quesadilla instead. I'd just planned to do half with the fries, but since it didn't work out, I went with the whole quesadilla.

Another stuffed quesadilla. It was a good lunch, even without the fries.

My afternoon snack was a little cranberry orange relish in a cup. I told you, I could eat the stuff with a spoon, although alone, I would prefer a little less sugar.

My pre-dinner snack was a few pumpkin spice kisses. One is impossible for me.

Lucas fixed frozen stuffed shells for dinner in pasta sauce. He did them in the microwave, so that I could have some before Zumba. I had a salad of iceberg, carrot, broccoli, and garlic Caesar dressing.

The shells weren't bad, but I have come to the conclusion that all the cheese in frozen stuff pasta isn't quite as good as homemade. It lacks the chewiness of real melted cheese.

We had a good night at Zumba. We're doing a few Christmas songs and some of our regulars. After Zumba I had some peanut butter pretzels. half a gala apple.
Now I'm off to get ready for bed. I might even have a few minutes for reading. Have a great night/day!!!

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