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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting Back On Track

Two days after Christmas and I'm still catching up. It was wet and dreary all morning, but has started to clear up some. I had to get up very early this morning to work on the blog, because I didn't get to sort and upload photos last night. My new camera battery died and it took longer to charge than I was willing to wait, so I decided to go to bed early and do it all in the morning.

Yesterday's breakfast was a fruit & yogurt cereal bowl with bran & corn flakes, cheerios, strawberry yogurt, chunks of apple and chopped walnuts.

It seems to match my placemat, very colorful.

I had chinese leftovers for lunch, a couple of the cheese wontons with my vegetable chow mein and rice. I added a little soy sauce to the rice this time after the photo.

I had a couple of Mom's cookies afterwards.

My late afternoon snack was a small bowl of chex mix. Dale likes the cheerios, but I like it with the Fritos. I love the pecans too.

For dinner I had Ziti with green beans and a mushroom stuffed with crab and cheese. This was right about the time my camera died. Luckily I had gotten a shot of my dinner first.
I had another piece of dark chocolate candy from the assorted chocolates I got for Christmas while watching reruns on tv and waiting for my camera to charge. Tired of waiting, I got ready for bed, read a bit in my book "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest, then called it a night. Now with this post done, I'm back on track. Have a great night/day!!!

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