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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Feel Good Food

I'm running behind again. I felt good yesterday, but still just a little run down. I didn't manage to get to bed any earlier and I didn't sleep well, so here I am again this morning running behind.

Yesterday for breakfast I had a fried and and toast.

I don't normally do fried eggs, but for some reason, I wanted one yesterday.

I still didn't have the guts to under cook the yolk. No runny egg for me. It was like a slightly more fattening boiled egg, which is actually my favorite way to eat an egg.

I had a handful of chopped dates while I fixed lunch. Dates do give me an energy boost. I used them yesterday in place of caffeine, which I was really craving yesterday morning, well actually I wanted coffee, I needed the caffeine.

For lunch I had what I call my Thanksgiving sandwich, a Gardein Chick'n Scallopini patty on an Arnold whole wheat sandwich thin with salad greens, onion, cranberry orange relish, mayo and cracked pepper.

It was a delicious sandwich. I also had some vegetable chips and baby carrots on the side.

I had a warm cup of milk sweetened with some of the Hershey's Bliss white hot chocolate powder to cure my sugar craving. I don't use a whole packet.

Dinner turned out to be a little heavier than I wanted, I had my leftover chili beans & corny cornbread with brown rice and an ear of corn. It was a very dry meal.

I needed a little more soup for my beans, sauce for my rice or something, but by the time I got everything fixed, I just wasn't in the mood to do any more.

It was good, but would have been better had I slathered the corn in chipotle mayo, which I didn't have and didn't make. A thick layer of butter on my cornbread may also have helped (keep me from getting into my clothes, that is). Despite my heavy meal, I didn't feel bad after eating it. In fact, I felt pretty good all day, not bloated and no heartburn. I wish I could do that everyday.
I even managed to get my photos sorted and uploaded early, but because I'd chosen to take a nap earlier, I had no desire to go to bed early and then didn't sleep well anyway. I did get some reading done before bed, which I enjoyed. I haven't gotten to read much at all lately. I'm skipping a nap today and I'm going to try to go to bed at least an hour earlier tonight, fingers crossed. Happy Saturday!!!

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