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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Better Late Than Never

It's a rainy morning here, not a speck of sun around, but I have Santa and my Christmas trees to brighten my day and it won't be long until the grand babies arrive.

I had Lexi and Mary yesterday, but I had breakfast long before they got here. I had 5 French toast sticks from the freezer which I baked in my toaster oven and a cup of applesauce with added cinnamon. These do not need syrup or sugar, great just the way they are.

I finally have my big tree decorated, a week before Christmas, better late than never, right? This is my very old star that I tend to go back to, no matter how many tree toppers I've had. It's simple and it works, even after 25 years, and that's just how long I've had it. It used to be Mom's, so maybe she knows how old it really is.

I also dug out all my old ornaments, ones from when my kids were little.

Lots of heavy Hallmark ornaments with silver stars and plastic canvas snowflakes that I made years ago and have always meant make more of. Maybe I will get some done now that I have my glasses and can finally see better, lol, we'll see.

The kids were very good yesterday. Hard to believe since it's the week before Christmas. My kids always got worse right before Christmas, like they were testing Santa. This is Mary in my rocker with the Wii-mote (the one that doesn't work). Lexi had the good one playing her Dora game. She played the entire game for the first time and didn't even get mad.

Lexi had spaghetti O's for lunch. Mary was not a big eater yesterday. She and Lexi have had a cold lately. Mary ate yogurt and peanut butter crackers mostly. I had an Amy's Black Bean Enchilada with Spanish rice and pinto beans.

I accidently over cooked the beans a little.

Mary and I shared peanut butter crackers, my snack, her meal.

For dinner I had another bowl of my vegetable noodle soup. Getting a bit bored with it by now, I added some taco sauce, crumbled my corny cornbread on top and shredded some pepper jack cheese over it.

I wasn't sure if it would be good this way, but I was pleasantly surprised. Now I'm wishing this wasn't the last bowl.

For a little more spice, I had a couple of squares of Lindt Excellence Chili Dark Chocolate.

This is one of my favorite dark chocolate candies.

That was my day and now I'm off to do a little cleaning and maybe think about what I'll be having for lunch. What are you having?

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