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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pink Pomelo Morning

Still no coffee yesterday, but rest assured, I have now fixed that little problem. Yesterday my morning wake up came in the form of a large refreshing citrus fruit. Lucas and I split a great big pink pomelo, similar to a grapefruit, but larger and with out that sort of bitter taste. These don't even need sugar or at least this one didn't. It's not extremely sweet, but it won't make you pucker like the grapefruit or the lemon. It's more like a slightly sour orange. It has a mild flavor, but it's very good. I could have eaten the whole thing myself. Next time we will have to buy two, lol. BTW if you like eating grapefruit or pomelo, you really should get a grapefruit spoon if you don't already have one. It makes eating these so much better.

Since I only had half a pomelo, I also had four French toast sticks as well.

My need for caffeine led to a carb filled day. For my mid morning snack, I finished off the last of my Christmas cookies, crumbs and all.

Despite all the carbs, it was a good food day. I had a grilled tofurky and cheese sandwich with spinach and taco sauce. I used sliced American cheese. I think it would have been even better on whole wheat or pumpernickel with cheddar.

Speaking of cheddar, my afternoon snack was 3 cheese on wheat crackers and a chocolate butter cream from my assorted dark chocolates.

Dinner was a repeat of the one I'd had the night before, another Sweet & Spicy tuna salad with iceberg, spinach, broccoli, carrot, celery, French dressing & red pepper flakes.

I think I need some fresh red pepper flakes. It snowed pepper flakes and still hardly any heat.

After dinner and while watching a movie, I had some of the wonton chips in a bowl drizzled with duck sauce.

The movie I watched was No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher & Natalie Portman with just the right amount of comedy & romance. I don't do overly stupid, sorry. It does have some nudity, but it is about friends having sex. The story line is very good and both actor & actress were perfect for the parts. I gave this one 4 stars, possibly 4 1/2.

I manage to get my photos sorted and uploaded while watching the movie and finished up in time to get a few pages of my book read before going to bed. Getting done in time to read a little is an accomplishment for me. Unfortunately my eyes have been extremely dry lately and I could hardly see the book, which is why I love my kindle and wish I had the kindle version of the book I'm reading. I may see if they have the large text version at the library. Well, I guess that's it for today. Have a great day and I will see you all in the New Year!!! Enjoy your New Years Eve and please be safe!!!

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