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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yoga Monday

So far it doesn't feel like a great day, but I'm hoping that it gets better as the day goes on. Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day. The girls and I had cranberry orange muffins for breakfast. I just had time for one. They really keep me hoppin'. I didn't even get any cranberry orange relish to go on my muffin, but it was still quite good.

Lexi and I did some yoga before lunch. My sister Cathy bought Lexi a book "The ABC's of Yoga for Kids". Lexi and I went through the entire book. I'll post a few pictures if I can get Lexi to pose with a shirt on. She insisted on doing her yoga topless yesterday. She loved the book, btw.
Due to my very minimal breakfast and a series of yoga poses I decided on an early lunch. I had an Amy's Enchilada Verde with beans and rice, while the girls had cheese pizza.

My Amy's dinner was good, but for some reason the contents of the enchilada seems different. It seems to be more red than usual, as if it had more tomato or something or maybe it was red bell pepper; I'm not sure. Have they changed the recipe or is it just me?

For my afternoon snack I had a bit of apple pie that Mom brought for me. All it needed was some cool whip or vanilla ice cream. I really don't need it though. I'm trying to do better on my sugar intake. I don't think I did too well yesterday.

Another snack before dinner. I think I kept munching because I was tired. I should have taken a nap after the girls left, but I didn't.

Dinner was leftover vegetable noodle soup. I apparently made more of this than the last batch of soup I made.

 I was still munching after dinner, try to stay awake, I think.

Luckily I had sense enough to go to bed fairly early. I did get a little more reading in as well. I think I sleep better after I read a little. Now I'm off to do a little laundry. Happy Tuesday!!!

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