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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Coffee And Biscotti

This morning I'm starving. Breakfast is taking a bit longer than usual. Yesterday's breakfast was quick, just a couple of pieces of cinnamon toast with a Gala apple cut into fourths. Hopefully today's breakfast will be worth the wait.

For lunch I had a well done fried egg over rice topped with taco sauce, an ear of corn topped with chipotle mayo and a piece of my corny cornbread.

I'd eaten the last of my beans the day before and the thought of the chipotle mayo with my corn was stuck in my head. My lunch was very good. The sauce and the mayo made up for the dryness of the cornbread and rice.

After lunch Lucas and I went to Target and Walmart to do a little last minute Christmas shopping. Everything was already picked over. All the popular things are gone and the stores aren't carrying a big selection these days. I wish I'd ordered online sooner. I'm afraid it's too late now. It's not too good shopping with an antisocial boy either. The crowds were too much for both of us, so we stood in line and got coffee at Starbucks before going home. I got plain decaf coffee and a Gingerbread biscotti.

The Gingerbread biscotti are my favorite. I want to try making some of them. I love that there are nuts in them and they have a white chocolate coating on the bottom. They are great with coffee. I wish I had gotten to sit and drink my coffee so that I could dunk the biscotti, but instead we had our coffee in the car on the way.

I didn't plan it, but I fixed soup again for dinner. It was a vegetable noodle soup with egg noodles, pinto beans, green beans, peas, carrot, corn, celery, & onion in a clear broth.

I seasoned the water for the broth with vegetable bouillon, parsley, vegetable sea salt, and plain salt. I wish I'd remembered to get garlic. I keep forgetting it.

After dinner, there was nothing interesting on tv, so I sorted and uploaded photos, had a couple of handfuls of chopped dates and read some before going to bed. I went to bed a little earlier, almost an hour. We won't be having Sunday dinner at Mom's today, but we will be attending the Singing Christmas Tree, to watch Lexi perform this evening. Hopefully we'll get a few pictures. Happy Sunday!!!

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