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Monday, December 05, 2011

Crab Cakes For Dinner

My morning started off a little later than I had planned, as I'd said in my previous post. I was sleeping pretty good when I suddenly realized it seems later than usual, luckily not terribly later. I got up and went through my usual routine, then toasted myself half of a French toast bagel. I spread on some light cream cheese and a thick layer of cranberry orange relish.

I also had a cup of decaf Moroccan Mint green tea which escaped the camera. I finished up this mornings post, drank my tea, and got ready to go to Mom's. 

The dinner menu today included roast beast beef....

...and more beef with potatoes, carrots, & onion,

...baked chicken,

...crab cakes & crab rangoon,

...potato casserole,


...Caesar salad, cucumber, tomato, & feta cheese, which barely made the shot.

We also had some Parker House rolls.

My plate was filled with salad, potato casserole, a crab cake & crab rangoon, a large bit of broccoli and a roll. The crab cakes came frozen. They tasted like deviled crab that comes in a shell at seafood restaurants. It reminds me of a moist stuffing. They were pretty good. The crab rangoon was also not bad. They were a little different from the ones you get from the restaurants, but were still pretty good. You can usually get these in either a sweet or savory version. I prefer the savory version, which is what these were.

There were red velvet brownies with icing for dessert.... a pumpkin nut roll. I had a slice of the pumpkin nut roll for dessert along with a cup of 1/2 caff coffee, which I'd added very little sugar to. I was going for the nearly black version. My dessert also escaped the camera. The mouth was quicker than the mind.

I was quite full after dessert and later just had a snack instead of a meal. I went with some cheese puffs. I'd been craving a salty snack and these hit the spot.
We had a great day and a good dinner. I'd almost forgotten, I had to get this post out tonight so, it's a bit rushed. Sorry. I'm off to get ready for bed, no time for proof reading.  Have a great night/day!!!

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