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Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Survived Without My Camera Barely

Ok, I'll just tell you straight out that this morning is not a good morning for me. I really feel extra crappy today, but hopefully it will pass. If not, I'll just go back to bed. 

This is post one of two I will hopefully get done today. The photos in this post are from 2 days ago, when I left my camera at Lindsay's house and couldn't upload or take photos ( not decent ones anyway).

This photo was taken with my camera before I left it. It's my breakfast/ brunch, whatever.  I had an egg sandwich on a Nature's Own Multi Grain Sandwich Round. 

I scrambled my egg with green pepper and onion and placed it on the bun along with a hash brown patty, muenster cheese, spinach and taco sauce. 

I've eaten this before with different cheese and no spinach. I like it better with the spinach and cheddar probably would have been better and maybe a big slice of tomato.

My snack before going to Lindsay.

My trip to Lindsay's was a little unexpected. She had a minor emergency and I went to stay with the girls while they napped. In my rush to get home to get ready for Zumba I forgot my purse (including camera). Luckily (or not so luckily) my phone was in my jacket pocket, which I had on. I do not have a smart phone, it just a notch above stupid and the camera is really crappy. To make matters worse, my phone would not send the phones to email because my sd card needed formated, so I had to take the card out of the phone, put it in my card reader and transfer the photos to the computer before formating; a lot more trouble than with my camera, but not so bad, now that I have the card straightened out. 

The next photo was taken with my phone. It's not as bad as I'd expected, but I won't be using my phone's camera for the blog anymore unless there's a crisis.  This is my quickly thrown together dinner before Zumba, which I wasn't sure I would be able to get to on time. 

I had a tuna sandwich on a sandwich round with mustard, mayo, and spinach. I also had some broccoli, carrots, grape tomatoes and ranch on the side along with a dill pickle spear.
Setting the stage.
(Sirens going off now, I have 25 dogs howling at once as I type.)

I was so tired after zumba and even though I'd eaten before zumba, I was still up for a snack, so I had a yogurt and cereal parfait, another fine photo from my phone. I had planned to run by Lindsay's to pic up my purse and my camera, on the way home, but being the person I am, I totally forgot, so to avoid another trip out, I did without.

My parfait included, gala apple chunks, bran flakes, vanilla yogurt, cinnamon, walnuts, and warm peanut butter. Yummy!!!

Oh, well, I tried. Hopefully you get the idea anyway.

So this is one post down and another to follow. It will post to twitter when I get the next one up. I'd like to get a FB page for the blog, but I'm not sure I need one yet. I could use some more subscribers, Twitter followers as well. Happy Thursday and thanks for taking a look at my ADD blog!!!


  1. Sorry about the blogging trouble but I at least managed to remember it when I came to drop the kids off. So yeah me!

  2. You were a lifesaver. I didn't even remember to remind you. I hope to see a post on your blog too, now that your flash is working. Go you!!!