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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Delay

I really can't believe my luck. Just as I get the blog caught up, my internet goes down again. We lost the connection about 2 pm on Saturday. We checked everything on our end and waited for the internet to come back up. After about 3 hours we finally  assumed they weren't just working on it somewhere. I called and sure enough their was a major problem and they'd have to send someone out to check the lines. 

My Saturday breakfast was a smoothie. I was feeling sort of tired of the same fruit & yogurt cereal bowl. I made the smoothie using dried blueberries, a bit of banana and half of the small apple I'd gotten from Panera's with lunch the other day.  I used the last of my oatmeal, about 1/8 cup plus about the same amount of bran flakes which I ran through the coffee grinder to make a powder. I also added a tsp of instant vanilla pudding mix along with my usual amounts of milk, ice, & vanilla yogurt. It was a pretty good smoothie. It was a little sweet, but no worse than what you'd buy pre-made. Using unsweetened yogurt or maybe Chobani's vanilla would be good for a less sweet version.

I made another tofurky sandwich with the garlic herb focaccia bread. This time I used leftover spaghetti sauce and shredded spinach.

It was an awesome sandwich.

I'm hoping there's still a piece of the focaccia left for another one, but I'm sort of doubting it. It was really good bread.

It was after lunch when I realized that the internet was down. I decided to have a cup of tea and get some reading done.  I had another cup of the mangosteen and peach green tea with honey.

I read a couple of chapters and still no internet. I had some popcorn, Lance's Movie Theater Butter  flavored.

It was pretty good, but it's not movie theater good.  It's pretty buttery tasting, but it's just not the same as the kind you get at the movies. I'd still give it 4 stars.

Realizing by now that there would be no internet any time soon, I fixed dinner. I cut up a Veggie Patch Chick'n Cutlet and divided it between two pita pockets which I'd filled with iceberg salad from a bag, chopped pepper and onion. I topped my pockets with shredded Mexican blend cheese and spicy ranch.  I did have a little accident with the salad dressing. I took the lid off of the bottle and started to squeeze out the dressing, realizing too late that there was no squeeze top. I had quite a bit of dressing, which I sloppily divided between the two pitas. I'm thinking next time, I will just put my salad in the bowl and have my pita on the side. Even without the dressing incident, I'm not sure this was the best way to eat my cutlet.

I had a cup of lemon chobani for dessert. I still say this is one of my favorite flavors and Chobani's lemon is the best.
I manage to get quite a bit of reading done yesterday. I did get to bed earlier, but not all that early. I'm not sure if I'll be keeping the girls tomorrow or not. My back is still bothering me. It's actually been pretty bad today, not sure why. I did mop a little yesterday, but I'm not sure that's what did it. I'm planning to hit the sack now and I'll try and get Sunday's post up tomorrow. I hope everyone will bear with me. The blog seems to be suffering since I've gotten behind. I hope to get everything back to normal soon, hopefully even better would be good, but I'm thinking it may take a little longer. Have a great night/day!!!

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