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Friday, February 03, 2012

Mostly Munching

Today was mostly a day filled with lots of snacks. The day didn't start out with a snack. In fact I had a big bowl of yummy sliced strawberries over vanilla yogurt, Cheerios, Life cereal and bran flakes.

I'd been craving strawberries, but the ones I'd seen lately didn't look all that great. I finally came across some that looked pretty good, so I definitely had to have some. It was a super yummy breakfast.

I had trouble deciding what to have for lunch. While trying to decide, I settled for a few yogurt covered pretzels. These were really good and I could have made a meal of them, but I didn't.

I finally decided on lunch. No, it wasn't just these pickles, but what I'd decided on would take a little while to make. In the mean time I had these pickles.

.....and then these chips, leftovers from Mario's, which came with Lynda's sandwich and which I ended up with. I put them in the toaster oven to recrisp while my lunch was cooking. The chips weren't bad, even though they were reheated, but definitely better fresh.

Ta Da!! Lunch! I made broccoli parmesan soup with fresh broccoli, carrots, onion, bow tie pasta, parmesan cheese, milk, cornstarch, salt, & pepper.

 I was using some of the fresh veggies up since I have so many.

The soup was really good. I had two bowls.

The strawberries were so good, I used them again for my pre-zumba meal/snack etc. I made an orange strawberry banana smoothie.

I used a cup of Chobani blood orange Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries and frozen banana slices along with my usual smoothie ingredients. It was an awesome smoothie and as always it left me wanting more.

I've had pain in my lower back lately, but it wasn't that bad. I think I must have a pulled muscle. Going to Zumba seems to have aggravated it. I'm thinking maybe I should have skipped the class. 

When I came home I reheated my Mario's fries and topped them with cheese and taco sauce.  Not great, but not bad.

I also had a Reese's peanut butter egg, which didn't solve my case of the munchies.

I then fixed myself a plate of raw veggies with some light ranch and Mesquite BBQ sauce. I wasn't sure how that mixture would turn out, but it was good and seem to hit the spot.

Now that this post is done I'll be taking my aching back to bed. I may have to skip Zumba until I get it straightened !!!

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