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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two Days In One

I've decided to get this mess caught up and out of the way in one fell swoop. Because I am behind, I am suffering and the blog is suffering. I'm not sure yet how this will turn out, but it will be done and I will feel much better. 

Breakfast will be the easiest of course, because I ate the same thing basically on both mornings. I had a fruit and yogurt cereal bowl, with dried wild blueberries, which I'd gotten on sale half price. I also used half a pink lady apple, Dannon vanilla yogurt, cheerios, bran flakes, and life cereal. On Friday, I also threw in a few frosted mini wheats.

On Thursday, I went with Mom and Lynda for a GDO. We went to Fresh Market, Panera's Goodwill, The Restore, and Walmart, not necessarily in that order. We got a few goodies from Fresh Market and tried a couple of samples. My first sample was their chocolate cherry coffee. Normally I'm not big on flavored coffee, but occasionally I find one I like. This was one that I liked.

I added a little raw sugar and cream to mine. I even managed to get just the right amount of sugar, but just a little too much cream. It still tasted very good. I'm giving it 4 stars (no star photo this time).
 My second sample was their edamame salad, which I didn't care for and forgot to get a photo of. It had cranberries and what tasted like rosemary along with the edamame, which didn't appeal to me. 

We went to Panera's for lunch, Mom & Lynda also got bagels. I had the same thing I had last time. You just can't beat their Mediterranean Veggie on tomato basil bread and the creamy tomato soup. It was sort of cool and rainy, a perfect day for soup. I also got an apple with it to eat later and a bottled water.

Once I got home I did some sampling of my goodies I'd gotten. I had a bit of the Men's Omega 3 Energy Mix while I fixed a bite to eat. For dinner I had the Smart Ones Pasta with Ricotta and Spinach, which I wasn't sure about. The photo didn't look all that great to me.

The dinner prepared actually looked better to me than the photo, unusual right? I also had a piece of the garlic herb focaccia I'd gotten at TFM, with a couple of sliced marinated mozzarella balls, also from TFM. The Focaccia was delicious, but we weren't impressed with the mozzarella. I was expecting the marinade to taste like more than just olive oil and Italian seasoning. You know mozzarella is a sort of a flavorless cheese compared to other cheeses, even marinated apparently. The pasta with ricotta and spinach needed a pinch of salt, but was not bad. The sauce sort of reminds me of gravy. I'm giving it 3 stars.

I had one of the Russell Stover coconut cream eggs that Lynda gave me, after dinner and threw the other one into the freezer for safe keeping.
 Now on to Friday.
You already know what I had for breakfast, so it's on to the next thing, which was a cup of green tea, the White Mangosteen and Peach flavor with a dab of honey, two bags.

Next was lunch. I had a tofurky sandwich with more of the mozzarella on the focaccia bread.

The tofurky was their Italian Deli flavor with sundried tomato and basil. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as I had expected it to be. It wasn't bad, but it just didn't have the flavor I was expecting. It was sort of like they'd added a little sundried tomato to the peppered version. The pepper in it was over powering and you could hardly taste the tomato or basil.

I cut a piece of the focaccia bread in half and put on 4 slices of the tofurky. I grated a few of the marinated mozzarella balls over the tofurky after wiping them across the top piece of bread to leave the seasoning and drizzled on a little olive oil. I also sprinkle on some marjoram. I then popped the whole thing in the toaster oven on bake to melt the cheese, toast the bread a little and ultimately heat the whole sandwich.

Although I wasn't impressed with the marinated mozzarella or the tofurky on their own, together on the garlic herb focaccia, they were awesome. I would have thought I'd died and gone to heaven if there had been marinara and spinach involved.

I later had a bowl of Peanut Butter Multi Grain Cheerios.

We think the Banana Nut flavor is better. I'm not sure if it was the milk or the peanut butter, but after eating it, I developed the worse case of indigestion. I thought I'd die.

After eating lots of antacid, I was still battling my indigestion at dinner time. I had planned to try my new Veggie Patch Chick'n Cutlets.

My indigestion was slowly subsiding, which made it hard for me to have a good appetite. I made whole wheat pasta with some plain old Ragu spaghetti sauce to go with the cutlet. I'd planned to do something a bit more elaborate, but I just wasn't feeling up to it.

I put the cutlet on top of the pasta, added a little more sauce and grated some of the mozzarella balls on top. I was really impressed with the cutlet. It was one of the best fake chicken patties, I've ever eaten. I like that they are thin and larger than most veggie patties. The breading has that strange chicken patty color, but it was really pretty good. I'm not so crazy about the way the cheese looked, but it's one way to use it up. I can't wait to try the cutlet in some other ways. I'm giving it 5 stars.

Well, that's it for Thursday & Friday. I'm caught up. No late posts hanging over my head. Now if I can just keep it that way. I didn't get everything I wanted included, but it's done. If there's any questions, just leave a comment, love those. Have a great day and don't forget to subscribe and/or follow me on Twitter. Thanks.

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