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Monday, February 27, 2012

MorningStar Farms Meal Starters Chik'n Strips Review

I had an ice cold banana pudding smoothie for breakfast this morning. I remember to freeze a couple of sliced bananas. It also makes the smoothies really thick. Mine was like soft serve at first. By the time I got my glass and camera together the smoothie top had melted down. It was still cold and delicious by the time I drank it. 

I added a teaspoon of vanilla pudding mix and this time I didn't leave out the vanilla extract. The vanilla definitely makes the difference.

I had a few salty almonds and pecans I snagged from DH's can of deluxe mixed nuts while deciding what to have for lunch.

I had the other frozen French onion soup with a few pumpernickel croutons. This soup is so good. I know I'll be getting it again.

My back has been bothering me more today. I haven't taken the time to do my breathing exercises. I didn't do a lot around the house, but I can never totally do nothing. I think sitting on the couch is just as bad and anything else I do. I finally laid down for a while this afternoon, but that didn't help much either. I see ibuprofen in my future if it doesn't let up tonight. 

When I got up from my nap Lucas had made baked potatoes for dinner. He and DH were having buffalo wings with theirs. I decided to make buffalo style chicken strips using MorningStar Farms Chik'n Strips.

I've eaten these before and I'm sorry to say they are not my favorite. They are edible. I was hoping the buffalo treatment would improve them. I don't particularly care for the slightly rubbery texture. It is nothing like the Chik patties or nuggets they make. They are softer almost like scrambled egg. The flavor isn't all that great either. I basted them in a mixture of butter and Texas Pete and baked them in my toaster oven. It was better than eating them plain. The potato was the best part of the meal. I hadn't had one in a while. It's my favorite way to eat a potato. I eat skin and all. I drizzled the potato with leftover butter and Texas Pete. The side salad was made of iceberg, spinach, cucumber, carrot, and green onion. I used spicy ranch dressing. The chik'n strips still only got 3 stars. Gardeins Scallopini is so much tastier.

My dessert was 2 vanilla wafers and a few dried blueberries.

Well, I've stayed up long enough, too long really. I have an early day tomorrow and I also see coffee in my future. Have a great night/day!!!

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