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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bremer Selects French Onion Soup Review

This morning I didn't get up much earlier than yesterday, but it was around 2am before I went to bed. I also didn't sleep very well. It was a little too warm for me. I sleep so much better when it's cool. One good thing about being unable to sleep is that breakfast is usually well planned. I had already decided what to have well before time to get up. I had planned to make myself a Banana Pudding Smoothie. I even added a teaspoon of the instant vanilla pudding mix to it instead of the vanilla extract. I may keep the vanilla in the next one just to see how it is. I loved how creamy and smooth the pudding made it. I used the last of the Chobani and my banana wasn't frozen. I do prefer the banana frozen, but it was still really good.

For lunch I tried Bremer Selects French Onion Soup. Love that is says Vegetarian, right on the front of the package. I still read the label. I can't help it. I'm a label reader. Are you? I like having an idea of what's in my food, even if it's something that's hard to pronounce.
Nutrition Facts
Bremer Selects (Aldi) - French Onion Soup

Calories     220     Sodium     1290 mg
Total Fat     11 g     Potassium     0 mg
Saturated     6 g     Total Carbs     18 g
Polyunsaturated     0 g     Dietary Fiber     2 g
Monounsaturated     0 g     Sugars     7 g
Trans     0 g     Protein     13 g
Cholesterol     30 mg          
Vitamin A     8%     Calcium     35%
Vitamin C     10%     Iron     4%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
This is how the soup looks straight out of the freezer. There are two per package.

I had one. The soup comes with cheese and croutons already on top of the soup, but I made some extra croutons from a piece of pumpernickel bread. The soup is a little salty, but it is very good. The croutons included are quite soggy by the time the soup is cooked, but it's expected.

I would have preferred the cheese and croutons packaged separately, to be added at the end of cooking, but I really liked this soup regardless. If you don't like soggy bread, you probably won't care for it, but it's not that noticeable. There are lots of onions and it's cheesier than I'd expected.

It you throw in a few extra crispy croutons, you definitely won't think much about the soggy ones. I could have eaten the other serving, but one was enough to fill me up. I'm giving the soup 4 stars. It they start packaging the croutons & cheese separately, I'll up my rating. I do plan to buy this again.

We went out to Walmart this evening to pick up dogfood. I also picked up some more vanilla yogurt, Dannon this time. I eat a lot of yogurt, but I like it. We also got chips & dip to go with burgers. The guys had those "narsty" ones made with meat, while I had a MorningStar Farms Griller. I put some shredded iceberg on a bun, I carmelized some onion in the microwave with butter and put them on top of my burger that had melted muenster cheese over it.

We bought Heluva Good Fiesta Salsa Dip to go with our chips. I used some of the dip on my burger and added dill pickle slices last minute. The dip also gets 4 stars. It has little bits of veggies in it and a really nice flavor. Even kids would love it. It's not hot.

Since it's Friday, I treated myself to the Russell Stover Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream Egg I had in the freezer. I ate it while it was still frozen. It was pretty good that way. I also had a few raisins while uploaded photos.

Well, I'm not getting to bed any earlier tonight. Luckily I don't have to be up early in the morning, but I suppose I will have to be eventually, so I need to get this straightened out. Wish me luck. Have a great night/day!!!

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  1. I love this soup, which I get seasonally at Aldi's-- but I always add a little bit of water to even out the broth, and a splash of wine when I have it. If you bake it instead of microwaving, it comes out crispier, but in French Onion Soup the bread is SUPPOSED to be soft, not crispy.

    At Times I even stretch it out with extra water and bouillon, but even without that, I was amazed that one serving is actually damn filling. A boon for vegetarians everywhere, if only this were more widely available.