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Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Wednesday Not Thursday

I should have posted this earlier this morning while my memory of it was a little fresher. This post is now for what I did 2 days ago. It was Wednesday and luckily I didn't have an early day. I'd gone to bed at 10:30 the night before and didn't get up until 9am. I thought I was pretty well rested.

I didn't have to keep the girls until around noon. I got up and fixed myself half an everything bagel with light cream cheese and dried dill.

I tried to get a few things done before the girls got here. I had to get a shower which I'd skipped the night before. I had a smoothie before the girls got here. I made an improvised version of a strawberry orange banana smoothie. I used the same amount of the basic ingredients (oatmeal, milk, ice) as I usually use. I didn't have enough vanilla yogurt, so I used what I had. I compensated for the lack of yogurt with a couple of teaspoons of vanilla instant pudding. For the fruit I used about 1/3 of a banana, 4 or 5 medium strawberries, and half an orange. I also added orange zest from about 1/3 of the orange peel. I dried the rest and saved it in a jar to use later. It was a very tasty smoothie. Not bad just to be using what I had. I do wish the strawberries and banana had been frozen.

Lexi and I had quesadillas for lunch. She just had a cheese quesadilla with a slice of white American and a four cheese Mexican blend. She also had a bowl of shells & meatballs.  I had shredded peppered tofurky, spinach, white American and the four cheese Mexican blend.

I made them in the toaster oven. I basically just heated them until the cheese was melted.

I had spicy Ranch dressing with mine. Lexi and I both enjoyed our quesadillas.
I spent the entire day or at least the biggest part thinking that it was Thursday. For such a well rested person, I was terribly tired by the time the girls went home. Sometimes Lexi can be quite a handful, but lately, it's been Mary who has worn me down.

I had the other half of my orange as my evening snack, a little trickier to peel with most of the skin shaved away. It was cold , juicy, and refreshing.

As my dinner I had the last of the potato salad and baked beans. I also finished off my Kalamata olives. They were very good with the beans and potato salad.

I also had a dark chocolate raspberry cream pumpkin which was very melted and very messy. I guess my kitchen cabinets stay too warm for storing chocolate.

I'm sort of confused as to how the day ended. I think somewhere along the line, I finished my book. I'm not even sure what day, but I do remember the ending wasn't one I preferred, but it wasn't bad. Parts of it I liked and even found funny, I just wish some of it had gone a different way.

Well, I'm still not caught up. I just haven't been able to get into doing more to get there, but I have gotten quite a bit done around the house. Fortunately, I'm no farther behind and yes I know it's actually Friday. Have a great night/day!!!

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