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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chick Flick Movie Night

 This morning I had another blueberry banana smoothie for breakfast. I have new straws also, colorful ones. They were all out of the plain boring straws. I used a blue one. It seemed the most fitting choice for a blueberry smoothie. I still haven't managed to use up all the vanilla instant pudding mix, so I threw a tsp. into my smoothie. A small package of instant pudding mix goes a long way for making smoothies.

For lunch I had a tofurky sandwich with Herr's Hot Sauce (Texas Pete) potato chips. I used four peppered tofurky deli slices, spinach, a slice of pepper jack cheese, mushrooms and some of the Heluva Good Fiesta Dip on lightly toasted white bread.

The sandwich, chips, and dip combines had just the right amount of heat. The dip makes a great condiment for my sandwiches. It's thick, flavorful, and not nearly as messy as salad dressing, of course, messy can be good sometimes.

I did some reading today in my book, "Two For The Dough" by Janet Evanovich. I love how quickly this one is going. I haven't been great about finishing up the blog at night in time to read before bed, so I'm trying to do a little reading during the day so that I may accomplish my goal of 20 books for the year. I set a fairly low goal, but still tried to keep it challenging. Goodreads sort of helps me stay accountable. 

Before dinner I made myself a cup of green tea, half decaf/half regular. I used 1 bag of the lemon ginseng and 1 bag of blackberry pomegranate. I've had a nagging headache on and off for 2 days. It decided to aggravate me right before dinner, so I decided to have a cup of tea to see if it would help. I thought the heat from the tea might be good if it were a sinus headache. I've been trying to avoid taking so many pain relievers. It's so easy just to grab the bottle of Motrin or Tylenol. I've found that if I take the time to do deep breathing exercises first, that most of the time I don't need to take anything. My back is still bothering me off and on as well. The breathing exercises have been a big help for relieving my back pain. 

For dinner I had Michelina's Sesame Lo Mein and an egg rolls. I'd forgotten that I'd had this once before. I can't believe I haven't gotten it again in such a long time. It is one of the few things that I've given 5 stars. I will definitely have to try and remember it. I don't find a lot of good frozen Asian style dinners. I mostly rely on the vegetable eggrolls for an Asian type meal, although the ones I really like don't have that authentic Asian feel, but they are good.
The lo mein however does seem a lot like what's you get at a restaurant.

It was girls night in at my house tonight. The guy were off at a shooting match, so I had the television all to myself. This meant I could watch anything I wanted. I took advantage of this by watching something they would never watch with me, that of course would be a "Chick Flick". I chose "Love And Other Disasters", mainly for the comedy. I like to watch something funny occasionally and most of the time it's in the form of a "Chick Flick". The movie has Brittany Murphy in it, who I think looks a bit sickly, because of the dark circles under her eyes. I did think she looked better in this movie, which may have been because she had dark hair rather than her usual blonde. This movie is not really your usual romantic comedy, but it wasn't bad. It's also not exactly what I prefer either. It was rated R and I usually prefer PG. I did give it 3 stars though.

Now this girl is going to bed. Have a great night/day!!!

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