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Friday, February 03, 2012

Taking It Easy

Today was very laid back. I did a whole lot of nothing basically. Sleep was interrupted by my back & barking dogs....mine, ready to go out and then have their breakfast. I let them out, let them, fed them, and went back to bed. 

I got up a little later, my back is not bad, but it's still giving me trouble. I fixed myself a fruit & yogurt cereal bowl for breakfast. I used a mixture of cereal as usual, Dannon vanilla yogurt, half a pink lady apple, chopped walnuts and cinnamon.

This was so good, but I think, I like it drizzled with peanut butter even better. I'm also thinking maybe a little pancake syrup would be interesting to try.

I pretty much stuck to the couch today with my laptop of course. Sitting is not so good either, so I was up & down as needed. I had a bowl of my Parmesan Broccoli soup for lunch.

The bow ties were huge after soaking all night. I think they would be good in a lasagna type casserole. My soup was not quite as soupy, but just as good.

I had a handful of this caramel flavored candy corn after my soup. I get this strong craving for something sweet after a meal. I wish I was better at fighting the urge.

I continued to snack, snack, snack, all afternoon. I had a bag of Lay's Barbecued potato chips.

Then I had a variety of fresh veggies with a mixture of light ranch dressing and Kraft Mesquite barbecue sauce. This seemed to put an end to my munching until dinner.

I had a spinach omelette and a couple of vegetable egg rolls with a mixture of duck and soy sauce. I love the sweet & the salty mixture.

I used two eggs, a pinch or two of salt, black pepper, & shredded spinach for my omelette. This was a really good dinner.

After dinner I had that same craving for something sweet. I tried not to give into it. I did have something sweet, but I had a juicy seedless orange instead of more candy. I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable sitting here, so I'm calling it a night. I'm hoping I sleep better tonight than I did last night. Have a great night/day!!!!

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