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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Very Monday

Well this post is for Monday. It's really looking as though I may never get caught up, but I am close, it's mainly just a matter of doing it. I kept the girls on Monday. I grabbed a plain old bowl of frosted mini wheats before they got here. I usually fix their breakfast and it's just so much easier, if I have mine out of the way, an option I didn't have when mine were little. Most mothers are accustomed to eating cold food, standing up, while doing at least two other things at the same time. It's how we get into the habit of eating small snack sized meals all day long.

I made coffee to get me through the morning with my eyes open after having only had about 6 hours sleep. I'm not sure there was 6 actual hours of sleep, but that was the length of time I had given myself the opportunity. I was out of creamer, so I used a spoonful of peppermint mocha cocoa powder (note to self, this is not a substitute). It was an acceptable, but not preferable way of getting caffeine down.  The cocoa powder sinks to the bottom and makes a sludgy chocolate mess in the bottom of the cup.

At lunch I had leftovers. I had some potato casserole, broccoli casserole, and some extra steamed broccoli.

Lexi and Mary had macaroni and cheese and a few bites of raw veggies. Mary tried a bite of my cooked broccoli, but once she found out it was cooked, she wanted no part of it, so I gave her a raw sprig to gnaw on.

I gave the girls some chocolate hearts before they went home and I had my slice of chocolate cake before taking a nap, a much needed nap.

For dinner I had spicy nacho Doritos with a thrown together soup made from leftover black beans, chopped tomatoes, and brown rice. I added green pepper, onion, corn, chili powder, cumin, Mexican oregano, and garlic.

I also added a packet of Taco Bell hot taco sauce. The Doritos were spicier than the soup, but it was pretty good.

The day was not terrible, but it was a very Monday type of day, you know when nothing that happens is working in your favor.  Luckily my bad luck, seems to be only temporary. I've given it it's walking papers. I ain't havin' it, I tell you. Now I'm off to bed and I'm working on getting this blog caught up tomorrow. I'm tired of being behind. Have a great night/day!!!

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