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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Benner Lemon And Ginseng Green Tea Review

I didn't have to start the day early, but I did have to keep the girls today, so I didn't get to sleep as late as I would have liked. After getting up I needed to do some major baby proofing since things have gotten a little neglected due to back problems. I'm still having them of course, but that is beside the point. My back pain comes and goes fortunately. 

I got a few things done before I'd even made breakfast. I made another blueberry banana smoothie, still adding a tsp. of vanilla instant pudding mix which thickens it up quite nicely. Yummy!

I bought a new green tea at Aldi to try. It is Benner Lemon & Ginseng Green Tea.

I used 2 tea bags for my cup of tea, sometimes, I just use one. I really like this tea. It has a nice lemon flavor which doesn't cover up the flavor of the tea. I actually had 2 cups of tea today. I had one after breakfast, just as the girls were getting here and one later in the afternoon. I'm giving the tea 4 stars. I had a few vanilla wafers with the first cup. I offered them to the girls, but both declined. I had to check the cookies to make sure they were alright. It must have been the girls, because the cookies were fine and pretty good with the tea.

Lexi had a few gummy bears and a few little candy hearts with writing on them. She said she'd already had a sandwich at home.  Later they had cheese pizza and I had a Lean Cuisine  broccoli cheddar dip with pita bread. I added an extra half pita dividing the dip between the two. The pita cooled after heating them in the microwave and they got a bit tough. Next time I may try to remember to stick them in the toaster oven instead.

The girls were pretty good today, still a bit much for my back. Lexi tried to help with Mary which mostly only succeeded in pissing Mary off, which wasn't much help after all. Luckily I was able to sit a little here and there. Deep breathing exercises got me through the day.

After the girls left, I fixed myself a tofurky sandwich with the last of the Italian tomato basil deli slices. I also found a piece of the garlic herb focaccia for my sandwich, which I had assumed had already been eaten. I melted some of the marinated mozzarella balls in the bread and placed the warmed deli slices on a bed of spinach and sliced mushrooms and topped it all with warm spaghetti sauce for another awesome sandwich.

No need to add black pepper. Between the deli slices and the peppercorns on top of the focaccia, you get a nice peppery flavor as well.

I had the last Pina Colada jello cup after I ate my sandwich. I normally like to eat the pina colada jello with angel food cake, pineapple, pecans, and cool whip, but I like it by itself as well.

My dinner was early, since I'd had a small lunch, so I needed another snack before I put and end to eating for day. I had a little of the Men's Omega3 Energy mix I'd gotten a The Fresh Market. They also have a women's  mix, but it doesn't have as many goodies.

Well I guess that's it. I'm heading to bed while I still have a few moments for reading. Yes, it is late, but not as late as normal. Have a great night/day!!!


  1. Just touching on your back problems you mentioned; how have you been battling that as and when they arrive and how bad are they? Mine have been especially bad in the morning time so I was just wondering how yours were? I'm sure I'm going to end up having to get one of those electric beds sooner or later! Ha!

    1. My back pain comes and goes throughout the day. I usually do deep breathing exercises to ease the pain and avoid pain killers (ibuprofen, etc.). So far the breathing exercises work for me, so I assume my pain is not major, mainly uncomfortable and annoying. Good luck with getting yours resolved! Have a great day!