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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Still A Little Behind

This is for Tuesday, a bit late, I know, but I've had a busy week and I'm slowly trying to catch up. Tuesday's activities were a surprise to me. I had to be up earlier and the day would be longer than usual. I got up at 6:30am. I was not particularly thrilled about that. I wasn't able to get much sleep for some reason. I might have gotten 5 hours. I made sure to fix coffee to go with my bagel.

The coffee was still just half caf. I spread my everything bagel with light cream cheese and sprinkled it with some dill.

Normally I turn on my computer while I eat breakfast, but when I keep the girls I don't bother, because I usually have to do some baby proofing before they arrive.  I like to make sure there are no pencils, scissors, etc. laying around. I have to put away things Mary can climb on and get into if possible. I try to have as much put away as I can so that I'm not spending the day taking things away and putting them up. Mary is at the stage where she is into everything and she thinks she is a little monkey, climbing everything and copying everything she sees. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's not.

I usually have to fix them breakfast and lunch if they get here early. They are both picky eaters, especially Mary. Her latest favorite is grits. She eats those when she won't eat anything else. Occasionally I can get Lexi to eat something I'm eating, but mostly she goes for cheese pizza, Spaghetti O's, or chicken nuggets.  

I had leftovers for lunch, potato wedges, slaw and vegetarian chili with cheese for dipping the wedges.

The chili & wedges were not a great combo. The wedges had rosemary or something that didn't taste good with the chili and cheese, but it was quick and filling. I definitely need quick when the girls are here.

Lexi and I share the last of the yogurt covered pretzels.

I didn't have dinner until after they left. I was so tired, I just fixed myself a sandwich and sat down. It felt good just to be still. I had some peppered tofurky with a slice of harvarti, spinach, barbecue sauce and pickles on white bread.

It was pretty good or I was pretty hungry.

Later once I'd regained a little energy, I had a little leftover potato salad with extra mustard.

It was a long day. I sorted and uploaded photos for the day and the day before and called it a night around 10:30pm. I was so ready for bed and glad that the next day wouldn't start so early. Now I'm going to eat dinner, watch a movie, and upload more photos. Still behind. Have a great night/day!!!

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