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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A Cold Coming On

This morning has gotten off to a bad start, awake a couple of hours before my alarm went off. It seems that DH has manage to pass on his cold germs to me. I had started to feel it yesterday, but was hoping it was just allergies, but this morning it seems to be more like a cold, with sinus pressure, scratchy throat, and a headache.

I didn't feel great yesterday, but luckily, I didn't feel too bad either. I started off the day yesterday with another of my banana pudding smoothies with peanut butter and cinnamon. I really enjoyed this yesterday, but thoughts of it today do not seem as pleasant. All I can manage to do this morning is sneeze.

Yesterday I had one of Amy's bowls for lunch, the tortilla casserole with black beans. I was also drinking quite a bit of water yesterday due to my scratchy throat. I always drink water, but I think I drank more than usual yesterday.

This is my favorite of Amy's bowls. Have you tried it?

Another piece of strawberry birthday cake; a big strawberry with this one.

Before going to Zumba class, I had a tuna salad sandwich. The tuna salad was made with mayo, mustard and dill pickles. The bun was huge, so I didn't have anything else with it. 

Dale & Lucas bought the buns at the Walmart deli. They were impressed with them, raving about how good they were. I just love Walmart's breads, usually, but I was not as impressed with it as they were. It had a sort of sweet taste to it, which I didn't particularly care for. I will be leaving these buns for the guys.

Sweet is fine when it comes to candy, but I opt out for it when it comes to bread.

I had this sweet snack before Zumba as well.

We had a great night at Zumba. I was hoping that we'd be a bit cooler, since the outside temps have been more mild, but we still managed to work up a sweat. I had considered increasing my weights that we use during some of our songs, but decide that since I didn't do much exercise last week, I would stay with the same 3lb. weights I've been using. It was a wise decision. My arms were really feeling it during the workout. I'm so glad I was not feeling too bad to go to Zumba. I really missed going last week. 

After Zumba I had one of Millville's Get Balance granola bars with a few pecans.

After a shower and a little reading, it was off to bed, just a little after eleven. Score! I'd really expected to have another late night, but managed to do quite well. Go me!! Have you had a "Go Me" moment lately? Tell me about it. Happy Wednesday!!

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