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Thursday, September 01, 2011

It's Difficult To Make Changes

Up a little early this morning, but I'm still sleepy. I've already manage to get sidetracked this morning. It doesn't take much.

As you can see I had another smoothie for breakfast, a strawberry banana smoothie. I finished off the last of my strawberries. I almost forgot I had them. My breakfast photos alway seem pretty boring, but I can't help it. I've been trying to change things up little with some cereal bowls thrown in here and there. At least you can tell it's a different photo with those. Maybe eventually, I can do something to make the smoothie photos more interesting. Any ideas?

I had the girls (Lexi & Mary) yesterday. I really wasn't expecting them. I totally forgot that Lindsay had ask me to watch them. Now that was interesting. Lexi is always a ball of energy and Miss Mary is getting to be quite a character herself. I am forever laughing at her. I tried to get some videos of her being cute, but then she just sat there and didn't do anything. I didn't get any photos. Those two keep me hoppin'. I barely got lunch. I fixed them grilled cheese sandwiches and I had Amy's spinach lasagna. Lexi ate a few bites of my lasagna. She liked it. She wanted her own, but I only had the one. Maybe next time, if I remember their coming, I can make one and see how she likes it.

Amy's is very good, but I bet homemade would be even better. Anyone have a good recipe for spinach lasagna? I'll have to do a search, I guess.

After lunch, Mary and I had a few Honey Nut Cheerios. Nibbling hardly ever gets photographed. I did get a shot of my coconut creamsicle, but that was after the girls left. Mary fell off to sleep right before Lindsay got her and Lexi was in desperate need of a nap. She just needed to be still for 5 minutes. She usually gets hers on the way home.

We made a run to the store before dinner. I picked up breakfast supplies and 5gum, then it was back home to fix dinner, which didn't take long. I had leftover chili beans with a few black beans thrown in. I'd planned on having my chili beans with the last piece of cornbread, but someone, who shall remain nameless, beat me to it, so I got stuck with some less desirable Spicy Dorito pieces.

I toasted the Doritos for a couple of minutes and added some shredded cheddar to my beans. Warm Doritos are better and we all know chili and cheese go together.

No nap yesterday. I did have a cup of green tea which escaped the camera, as a pick me up, as well as a few peanut butter pretzels. The tea came as soon as I realized I would have the girls and the pretzels came later. I was super tired, still didn't get to bed any earlier. I'm trying, but apparently not hard enough. I guess I really need to buckle down, if I'm going to get back on schedule. Well, slightly sidetracked again. I'd better get this up before it's too late. Happy Thursday!!

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