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Friday, September 09, 2011

I Really Need Zumba

Still suffering with stuffy head, mostly at night and in the mornings. I have a headache this morning, in need of a cup of tea or coffee. I haven't decide which yet. Yesterday I had another cup of hot honey lemon water along with 2 hash browns crumbled and fried with onion, pepper and one egg. I seasoned it with some dried parsley, garlic, salt and pepper. It was quite good.

I had the honey lemon water just as a back up to hopefully keep the scratchy throat away. So far it hasn't returned. :0)

My breakfast took longer to decide on than to fix actually. I did have to chop the onion and pepper and also thaw the hash brown patties to crumble, but nothing elaborate. It did take longer than a smoothie.

Lunch was also rather simple. I had a frozen pasta with broccoli and pesto sauce with frozen green beans cooked with onion and coriander.  

I probably would have normally chosen more broccoli to go with the pasta, but I am out of broccoli and green beans are one of my other favorites, especially these which I get a Aldi's. I love the long skinny beans. My other favorite green beans are the wide flat beans, which you can buy in cans as Italian green beans.

I enjoyed lunch, but continued to taste the pesto for some time. Later I had a snack of the last of my salsa trail mix. I'm not sure it was a wise decision. From lunch, I'd began eating Rolaids due to indigestion(which only help temporarily).
By dinner I was miserable, but thought I should eat something. I settled for a bowl of cereal. I had cheerios mixed with special k cinnamon pecan flakes drizzled with a little honey, which I think should have been left out. It was a bit sweet and sweet things seem to aggravate my indigestion.

There was also milk, 2%, a few extra pecans and a couple more Rolaids.

The heartburn and indigestion seemed to subside for a while after dinner. I was feeling better and looking forward to Zumba class. Earlier I wasn't really feeling up to it, but felt much better once the heartburn and indigestion had gone away.

I had a great night at Zumba. We did a couple of new songs. We really worked everything. We had songs with moves to work the arms, the legs, even the abs. It was fun, but definitely a workout. We have lots of different people in the class, different ages and different sizes. Everyone does what they can. The ideal is to move and have fun. We accomplish both. I always feel really good after Zumba, even if I'm hot, sweaty, and tired. That good feeling lasts for a day or so, but I would really love to be able to go at least 3 days a week. Zumba is my Prozac. I really am glad it's available for me.

After Zumba and nearly 30oz. of water during class(got to stay hydrated), I had a Millville granola bar and a few dry roasted almonds. I liked the almonds with the granola bar better than the pecans I've eaten with them.

Later the heartburn returned, more Rolaids. I went to bed around 11:30, but could not get to sleep right away. Indigestion is much worse than a little stuffy head. Even though my sleep quality is not great, I have felt more rested going to bed earlier and I haven't had that head nodding feeling during the day, of course I've also been indulging in either a cup of green tea or a cup of 1/2 decaf half regular coffee (just a small coffee cup). Now I'm off to do some laundry. Happy Friday!!!

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