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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Going On A Food Binge

It's looking pretty dreary out this morning. I'm missing those sunny mornings we had at the beginning of summer. I'm also craving a great big cup of coffee. I manage to do without yesterday. It's very easy for me to fall back into the habit, especially with cooler weather coming back and my lack of sleep lately. Breakfast yesterday was half a cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter and half a gala apple.

I seemed to eat all day long yesterday. I kept reaching for food even though I wasn't really all that hungry. I did alright until after lunch. Once I had my baked beans, potato salad and two veggie patch veggie dogs, I just kept eating.

Even after eating all this, I just kept want something to nibble on.

I should have reached for my 5 gum, but it never crossed my mind, instead I grabbed a Russell Stover dark chocolate and raspberry cream chocolate.

Later before dinner, I had these chili lemon rounds from The Fresh Market. These have a hard crunchy texture, which for some reason, I liked. The chili lemon flavor just made me want more.

I had a bowl of soup for dinner. I think this stuff was better than it was the first day. It also looked more soupy than it did the last time I ate it.

After dinner I had some Breyer's Snickers ice cream with crushed dry roasted peanuts and then I finished off the chili lemon rounds. I didn't even bother to get on the scales this morning.
I will have to try to do better today. I'm really looking forward to Zumba. I wish I had a Saturday class as well, after Thursday's class, by Tuesday, I start to feel crappy. This morning is really hectic for some reason so, I am publishing this and getting the heck off here. Happy Tuesday!!!

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