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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Pizza Inn Dinner

Here I sit, fiddling the day away. I would love to be sleeping right now. It's foggy out and 70 degrees; very good sleeping conditions. I had photo problems last night which kept me awake and I also made the mistake of upgrading my Ubuntu, which took longer than I expected. I did sleep alright, just not nearly long enough.

I had a peach smoothie for breakfast yesterday.
I wasn't sure you'd get to see it last night though. All the photos for yesterday that I upload and edited just disappeared after renaming the files. They were on the computer, but not in Picasa and they wouldn't upload to the site were I store them. I'd already deleted them off the SD card, so I had to restore them. Luckily I did it from the computer and the file was still in recycle. I also had to resort, edit and rename my photos all over again. I spent about 2 hours just trying figure out what happed and getting it straightened out. I'm still not sure what to blame it on(Picasa, computer, SD card, or camera), but that's twice it's happened. 

My lunch yesterday was a pasta salad with sundried tomato and fresh mozzarella, which we got at The Fresh Market, over a bed of spinach leaves. This pasta was alright, but not my favorite. It really didn't have much flavor other than the sundried tomatoes. I added some marinated peppers and portabella mushrooms and cracked pepper. It was also pretty oily.

You can see why we got it. It looks really good.

I had some Breyers Snickers Ice Cream for dessert. Lucas picked this flavor. It was a lot better than a Snickers bar.

Later I had a Russell Stover candy, like I needed it. It was coconut cream in milk chocolate. It was good, but dark chocolate would have been better.
Hard to believe they've got Halloween candy out now.

Later we went out to Pizza Inn for dinner. I was pretty disappointed. First of all, when we got there, we got the buffet and there was no meatless pizza on the buffet, so I got salad which wasn't bad and waited for more pizza to be brought out. They brought 2 more, neither were meatless.

I finally went and asked if they even had meatless pizza and they said they would bring out a veggie. After about 20 minutes they finally brought out more pizza. The place is small and they didn't make any effort to inform me that they'd brought it out, but luckily I really didn't expect them to, so I was watching. The finally brought out a veggie and a cheese pizza. It really wasn't worth the wait. All they had on the buffet were thin cracker crust pizzas and the veggie was just mushroom, pepper and onion. No sauce, no flavor.

They also had spaghetti on the buffet, which Dale got. He said it was pretty good, but had tomato chunks in the sauce, which he is not a fan of and they only offered sauce with meat, so that was off limits for me as well. I decided to just have more salad and skip any more pizza. The salad bar was the best. The ranch dressing was good and I did like the little chunks of pepper jack cheese on my first plate. Another good point for them was the spring mix lettuce. I went with sunflower seeds and (ground?) carrot on the second. I'm not sure if they offer a special price for just the salad bar, but the buffet with drinks was about $10 a piece and totally not worth it.

I also got a few shots of some of the stuff we got on our GDO the day before. 

Raw Orange Blossom Honey

White Chocolate Snack Mix (Pretzels, chex cereal, almonds?) Lucas and I both like this.

Sesame Sticks. These are good, but just salted. The spicy ones are the best, but they were all out.

Now that this is done, I will go and concentrate on having a better day than yesterday. What's your favorite pizza/ pizza place/ salad toppings? Happy Saturday!!

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