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Friday, September 02, 2011

Not Enough Pictures

I'm feeling more rested this morning. I managed to get to bed by eleven, even getting in a little reading before hand. I also slept better. It was nice. I still could have slept longer had my alarm not went off.

Yesterday was another story. I did not sleep well the night before and I went to bed late and I also got up early. I had a banana pudding smoothie for breakfast hoping it would get my blood moving, but I was still feeling groggy afterwards.

Mom and Lynda called to invite me to ride to town with them. I fixed myself a cup of tea to wake me up, but never got around to drinking it. I got busy, trying to get a few things done before leaving and only managed a few sips. I completely forgot about the tea. I had some WW Smart Ones Cheese Pizza Minis. These are sort of a snack you can fix in the microwave or the oven. I chose the microwave since I was trying to get as much done in a short amount of time as possible. The mini pizzas turned out pretty good. You get 8 little pizza tarts in the package. I hope to try the other four in the oven, to see which is the best way or if there is much of a difference.

I was terrible at get pictures yesterday. I did get one picture while we were at The Fresh Market. They had samples of Copa Cocoa Banana Coffee. We tried it. It does taste like banana. I had mine with a little raw sugar which was hard to adjust in a tiny little dixie cup. It was not my favorite, although it may have been better if I'd been able to fix a normal cup. 

We also picked up bagels at Panera, shopped Habitat's Restore, Target, Walgreens and had lunch/dinner at Salsarita's where I got a vegetable taco salad with shredded lettuce, black beans, rice, roasted veggies, black olives, fresh salsa, red onion, spicy sour cream, and shredded cheese in a crispy tortilla shell. I wasn't able to eat all of it, but I still managed to over stuff myself which left me full long enough to skip dinner.

I do feel like there wasn't enough pictures for the day. I may update the page with some photos of what I got while we were out or put them in the next post. What do you think? We got Lucas a sandwich from the Target deli, which he loves, but there won't be pictures of it. It's gone. Happy Friday! We'll be celebrating Lucas' birthday this weekend. What are your weekend plans?

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