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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How To Eat Pound Cake

The sun is out and so are the dogs. They didn't seem too thrilled about getting up, but neither did I. I'm feeling sort of unenthused this morning. Hopefully it will pass after I've had a chance to get more awake. It got me off to a bad start when I stepped on the scales this morning. It seems that all the good things I ate yesterday were still hanging around, even Zumba didn't help me shed it.  

I started off the day yesterday with a banana pudding smoothie + cinnamon.

Later I had the last of my spicy Asian vegetable soup, a vegetable egg roll, and my last stuffed mushroom.

This was very filling. I think the soup and mushroom would have been enough.

I also had a piece of the pound cake as my afternoon snack.

I could have left it this way and maybe been better off this morning, but this is not the best way to eat pound cake. Plain is fine when you're not feeling too imaginative or you're just in a hurry to scarf down something sweet, but if you really want to enjoy your cake, you need to dress it up a little.

 To dress up your pound cake, you slice up fresh fruit, say, strawberries and peaches, add some sugar and let the fruit marinate until it gets all juicy, then you put the fruit over the cake and drizzle it with some of the fruit syrup, and finally you take a great big spoonful of whipped topping and pile it on top of the cake and fruit. Now, this is how you eat pound cake. How do you dress up your pound cake?

I had a little dinner before going to Zumba. I had broccoli with chipotle mayo on top, broccoli cornbread, and a big ear of corn, which I drizzled with the strawberry mandarin spinach salad dressing (yes, it was good).

It didn't look like a lot, but it was pretty filling. I think it was the cornbread.

Of course, that was a pretty big ear of corn.

We got an awesome workout at Zumba. I will have to get use to the songs that work our arms and legs. We have one song that really works our legs and then we have another song that really works our arms. Do the two songs back to back really makes you sweat. I'd thought about increasing my weights which we also use during the arm song, but I think I'll wait a little longer.

When I got home I had a Millville Get Balance Chewy Granola Bar. I uploaded my photos, read some more of my book and went to bed.
That was my day. Today I will try to do better, maybe eat lighter. Happy Wednesday!!

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