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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Food For My Mood

Another late night and chilly morning. I still haven't managed to finish my book. The ending goes on forever and I know it's going to suck me into the second book. I also realized this morning that the clock in my bedroom is about 15 minutes slow, meaning I've been going to bed a little later than I realized, but the alarm on my phone goes off at the correct time. I guess, I'll be resetting my bedroom clock today.

Yesterday morning being chilly made my hot cup of half decaf/ half regular coffee and my warm toasted cinnamon bagel with peanut butter and raisin a very enjoyable breakfast. I would have liked a cup this morning, but I'm feeling just a little too lazy to fix it just yet, maybe later.

This breakfast really hit the spot. It seemed it was just the thing I was in the mood for. I love when my food fits my mood.

I was in sort of a junk food mood yesterday when lunch time rolled around. I had an Amy's bean and cheese burrito with wavy potato chips and ranch dip.

The chips were Utz brand. I've tried their chips before and thought they were pretty good. I got the wavy ones this time thinking they'd be better for dipping. They were good, but not so good for dipping. They seem to break too easily.

I took this shot so you can see what's inside my Amy's burrito. It looks like maybe some rice, beans and a cheesy sauce. It's good whatever it is. I still think I'll read the label next time and see, just out of curiosity. I've read it before, but I don't remember. I'm a label reader, I have to be. You'd be amazed at what all they sneak meat products into. Are you a label reader?

For my evening snack, I had a bowl of Breyer's Snickers ice cream. I sprinkled a few crushed dry roasted peanuts on top, some chocolate syrup would have been nice too, but I didn't have any.

This cooler weather also has me in the mood for soup. I decided on vegetable soup. I didn't want canned soup. I'm not a big fan of canned soup, but I did want something quick and easy. I bought frozen stew vegetables (potatoes, carrots, pearl onions, celery), but that wasn't enough to suite me. I also added frozen corn & peas, a can of shelly green beans and some fresh cabbage. I used tomato juice and water for the base, seasoned with marjoram, garlic, salt & pepper, nothing fancy.

I wasn't so impressed with the frozen stew veggies. The potatoes were huge and I didn't care for the pearl onions in my soup either. I was trying to avoid peeling & cutting veggies, buying a bag of potatoes, a bag carrots, and lots of celery that might go to waste with just one person eating it. I still had to open a whole can of green beans. I would have like some chopped tomatoes too, but it was already a bigger pot of soup than I was hoping for and without anyone else to help eat it, I will be eating and eating soup for several days.

I will make a better pot of soup before cold weather ends. It wasn't bad, but it could have been better having everything I wanted in it. I was also unknowingly out of crackers.

 I read my book for a while yesterday evening and then read more last night, trying to finish it. I finished uploading photos and everything else early last night and was able to read some before bed, which would have been good if I could have pulled my nose out of the book before it got late. Hopefully I'll finish it up today sometime. Happy Sunday!!

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