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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dream Water & Michael Angelo's Stuffed Tilapia Review

 It's raining, it's pouring, I wish I were snoring..... another lovely day in the neighborhood. I tried Dream Water last night, "snoozeberry" flavor or blueberry pomegranate, a 2.5 oz. zero calorie sleep and relaxation shot. It still took me a while to get to sleep, but once I did, I slept very good. I think I was already too tired or I waited too long after drinking it. It was hard for me to get relaxed. I felt tense and kept having the urge to stretch. Once I relaxed I slept very well. You can get it at Walgreens for around $2.99 or get a one for $2.49 s&h as a sample. They call it a free sample, but I hardly call that free. I wasn't too fond of the "snoozeberry" flavor, but as a shot it was doable. I think if I were to buy more, I would try a different flavor. Dream Water contains Melatonin, which is much cheaper in pill form, maybe they'll start making it like gummy vitamins.

On to yesterday's breakfast, which was not my favorite. I had cornflakes in milk with sliced banana and ground flax. Cornflakes get too soggy, too quickly in milk. I would have preferred yogurt and strawberries to milk & banana, but you eat what you have, right?

The ground flax was a last minute addition. I've gotta get my omega 3's and fiber ya know.

 I also tried another Amy's quarter pound veggie burger. I cooked this one in the microwave for around a minute and a half. Cooked this way, the burger was a bit more fragile and could easily fall apart. On the grilled it held together quite well, but became dryer and crispier on the edges. Neither was bad, it would just depend on your preference. I didn't have bread and butter pickles which I'd thought about having with the burger, so I went a different route, having shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced jalapeƱo, and chipotle mayo.

 This was one spicy burger and looked almost like something you'd get at Red Robin, a tall sandwich with a thick burger and lots of toppings.
My favorite, Red Robin "burnin' love" burger.

My "Jalapeno Happiness" burger.
I do prefer these burgers on a bun, the sweetness I'd tasted eating the burger alone, was far less noticeable. This spicy sandwich may not have been a $10 burger, but it definitely was yummy!

For my evening snack/dessert, I chose to throw together a small peach crisp using fresh sliced peaches. I didn't follow a recipe. I just put flour, oatmeal, brown sugar, cinnamon, & butter together for the topping, also adding a little sugar to the peaches. 

I made extra topping, so that I could put a little on the bottom and also because it's my favorite part. It was bubbly in the middle with a thick crispy oatmeal crust on top and a softer tasty crust on the bottom.

Lots of sweet oatmeal goodness, but not too sweet, with yummy peaches.

I just had to add some ice cream to it, but all I had was the Breyer's Snickers flavor. I wasn't sure about the combo, but was pleasantly surprise at how well it went together. What a yummy treat it was.

Now I will tell you about the Michael Angelo's stuffed Tilapia, that I had for dinner. This received only 2 stars, meaning I didn't like it. I even emailed the company about it. While I believe this dish has potential, 2 things would have to change, for me to ever want to eat it again, #1 being the salt content and #2 being the fat content.

Take a look at the nutritional Facts. I wish I'd looked sooner.
This was quite possibly the saltiest, oiliest, thing I've ever eaten. I did eat it, because I hate to waste, but it was very difficult. With the help of a large glass of water, I managed.

I think if they would cut back on the sodium and fat, this could be a good dinner, but until then, someone else will have to eat it.

Thinking I'd definitely had enough salt, what did I reach for after Zumba class, salty chips and dip. It was not a wise decision. As I ate the chips, all I could think of was the terrible saltiness of the stuffed Tilapia.

After my snack and lots of water, to hopefully flush out all of the salt, I watched some of the new shows on television (NCIS & Unforgettable), I went straight to bed. I was so tired after Zumba, which kicked my butt and staying up until 11pm to see Unforgettable, that wasn't bad, I didn't bother reading.

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